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 Willis High School Scholarships Click Here!

Please check the scholarship spreadsheet weekly to check for new scholarships  posted for the 2018 Senior class. Additional resources for scholarship search site will become available shortly.  

Student's can apply for scholarships online or through the College and Career Center for scholarships that are not available online. 
 A grant is a form of federal or state financial aid that does not need to be repaid. They are typically given to people who demonstrate financial need. Advice: Grants are amazing sources of financial aid for people with need. Need is determined by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Every prospective college student needs to complete FAFSA.  Even if you don't qualify for grants, you may receive scholarships or favorable loans.
A loan originated by the government or a private bank for educational expenses. 

Outstanding Scholarship Websites 
 www.aie.org/scholarships Enter a key work in the search bar

 www.collegeanswer.com Create a Password and a Screen name, Click on Scholarship Search; Register Click Search; Complete Profile 

www.scholarships.com Complete a thorough profile and receive an accurate and personalized list of scholarships 

http://www.cappex.com Students can fill out a questionnaire and scholarships are matched to a student's profile, 

Cappex will send out an e-mail with the scholarship's information. This website also has other great college resources as well.