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Mrs. Coldwell's Home Page

This year marks my 19th year at Willis High School and I still love every minute of it. I grew up in Spring and attended McCullough High School in The Woodlands, graduating with honors in 1990. The next step in my journey took me to Sam Houston State University where, in 1994, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Art with certification to teach both. My next step took me to Austin where I worked for two years at The University of Texas. I soon decided it was time to begin my teaching career so, with an offer from Houston ISD, I began teaching 8th grade English at Sharpstown Middle School in 1996. I loved the multicultural student body which included students from all over the world, but I badly missed the cool beauty that can only be found in the trees north of Houston. Thus, in 1998 I accepted a job at Willis High School to teach English III and Art I, and my husband and I built ourselves a home in the National Forest on the northwest end of Lake Conroe. I love living in such a wild area; where birds of all kinds migrate through my yard; a tame deer sleeps in my backyard; an owl that I rescued, nursed back to health and released still visits and hoots at me on occasion; and I can be on the lake to watercolor the sunset in mere moments. I have now been teaching in the Fine Arts Department full time since 2001, and like I said, I love every minute of it.


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Google Classroom Registration Codes

Drawing 2: iecvvsa
Drawing 3/4: egqo55
Sculpture 2-4: h3b12f
Ceramics 2-4: y3594x
AP Studio Art: zkhwgz

Art Supply Fees Due by September 8th.

Art Supply Fees:
Drawing 2-4:     $25
Sculpture 2-4:   $35
Ceramics 2-4:   $35
AP Studio Art:   $35

Google Classroom Codes

Drawing II: iecvvsa
Drawing III/IV: egqo55
Ceramics:  y3594x
Sculpture:  h3b12f

Drawing 2: Illustrate a short story

Read a short story in class, highlighting the imagery.  Draw a sketch that represents the imagery of the story.  Turn sketch into a completed illustration in full value or color
Due February 17


Students will learn the proportions of the face and how to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth.  They will then draw a self-portrait from a mirror or photo.

Embellished Emotions ~ Due Friday, March 11, 2016

Art Journal Entry #1 Embellished Emotions                            

~ The first entry in your art journal should be meaningful to you ~ 

Select or write a quote, poem, or song lyric that has special meaning to you.  Lay-out the text in a double-page spread using lettering styles and ornamentation that help express the meaning of your words.

[Webster’s defines embellish as to decorate something by adding special details and features to make it more appealing or attractive.]

How you will be graded:                                                                                

Daily Grades:
1. Selection of Quote (extra credit if writing your own)
2. Lay-Out of Text
3. Embellishment
4. Effort & Participation
Major Grades:
1. Effort in  Design and Technique
2. Completed Embellished Emotion 

Scratch Board Artwork

Create a Scratchboard Art Project
Scratchboard Art incorporates the art elements LINE and TEXTURE and the design principle PATTERN to create a high contrast, etched image.
The Steps:
  • Develop an image with textures and patterns created by repetitive line styles.  
  • Define the FOCAL POINT of the image, and take into consideration the concepts of NEGATIVE and POSITIVE SPACE as you finalize your image design.
  • Transfer your image onto the scratchboard using white chalk transfer paper.
  • Before you begin to engrave your image, cover the board with paper to prevent the oils from your fingers from staining the board.
  • Begin to scratch slowly.  REMEMBER: you can always make it lighter, but you cannot make it darker.  Once the black is gone it is gone for good.
  • Scratch in the direction of the desired texture.
  • Use implied lines only. DO NOT SCRATCH HEAVY OUTLINES! You are seeking realist or stylistic lines and textures, neither of which you will achieve through the use of heavy outlines.


Art Tutorials

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

2:20pm - 3:15pm