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Odysseyware - Credit Recovery and The Distance Learning Lab at WHS


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What is Odysseyware?
Students receive teacher support with on-line courses through Odyssey Ware along with one-on-one instruction. Students must be determined to meet their education goals despite previous challenges and setbacks.

May be completed at home
Students may complete: 
*All tests and quizzes must be completed with teacher of record; no other teacher is allowed to administer tests.
*Any teacher on WHS campus may assist you with your lessons, projects or reports. You do not need my approval to attend their tutorials.
Classroom Expectations
• Students will be on time to class.
• Students will be prepared, kind, respectful, and on-task during class.
• Students are required to bring their own supplies. 
paper, pen, pencils, calculators, headphones
School Choices
• Students will attend class regularly with few if any absences.
• Students will have few if any behavior referrals.
Work Ethic
• Students will be motivated to work independently to complete on-line assignments.
• Students will communicate regularly with the teacher of record to track progress and make arrangements to receive support when necessary.
Completion Requirements
• Students are expected to complete 100% of the program with a grade of 70 or better. Any and all reports, projects, or special assignments assigned within each unit are required to receive credit.
• Students must keep a legible notebook.
• Students will not be allowed to begin a quiz or test until the required notes are produced.
o Notes consist of but are not limited to:
 Objective (given at beginning of each lesson sometimes in paragraph form)
 Examples from the lesson (especially math and science).
 Brief outline of topics discussed (dates and proper nouns are good clues as to important information)
 ALL VOCABULARY (you may use the glossary and credits at the end of each unit PRIOR to beginning lesson 1)
 Review (This can be found at the end of most lessons.)
o You will have one class period to complete each quiz or test.
o Each quiz and/or test will only be assigned once. If the codes within my program show that the quiz or test was accessed more than once I will zero out that assignment. I realize there are extenuating circumstances and we will address these together as they arise.
• Your average must be a 70 or better in order to receive credit.
Odyssey Ware website: willisisd.owschools.com
Technical Support: options
1. Speak with Mrs. Kelley Inman during school hours
2. kinman@willisisd.org your question will be answered within 24 hours
3. 936-890-7082 (lab phone#)
4. 1-800-821-4443: Odyssey Ware help line
Supplies Required
1.  Bound notebook
2.  Writing utensil
3.  Headphones

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To find information and resources for your subject click the related link on the far right in the purple box.

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