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Contact Information

Welcome to Geometry!
I am excited to be teaching Geometry this year. I have been employed by WHS for 27 years and have taught math for many of those years.
I have a double major in Business Administration and Physical Education and a minor in Health Education from Northeastern Illinois University. I have 6 certifications: Business Administration, Physical Education, Health Education, Math 4-8, Math 6-12, and ESL.
I am an avid sports lover and was fortunate enough to play two sports in college: volleyball and tennis. I am the freshman volleyball coach and the head track coach at WHS. I look forward to working with your child in sports as well as in the classroom. I truly enjoy seeing students be successful in all facets of their lives.
I am looking forward to a great year!

Contact Information:
Email: tjenkins@willisisd.org
Room #: B324      phone: 936-890-7198
Conference: 2nd Period 
Tutorials: Mega Lunch - B: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


Recent Posts

Remember - Geometry Test Tomorrow

Please remind your child to study for their Geometry Test tonight so they will be prepared and do well tomorrow. It will cover: spheres, hemispheres,equations of circles, and completing the square.

Next Geometry Test

I moved the next Geometry Test to Wednesday of this week. The kids struggled today with an in-class assignment on spheres and hemispheres (surface area and volume). Please make sure that your child is preparing for the upcoming test. They will work a review tomorrow in class and then test over the material on Wednesday. Please have them study the review Tuesday night so that they can do well on the test on Wednesday.

Geometry Test - Equations of Circles/Spheres/Hemispheres

The next geometry test will be Tuesday 5-9-17. Please make sure your child is preparing for this test. The test will cover equations of circles, spheres/hemispheres, and completing the square.

Test Thursday

The Geometry classes will be having their next test Thursday 4-27-17. It will cover inscribed angles, tangents, secants and concentric circles. We will review in class Wednesday, but make sure you have your child look over the material at home Wednesday night as well so that they will be prepared for the test.

Circle Project Due Monday 4-17-17

All the Geometry students have been working on a circle project this last week. The project is due Monday and is a test grade. Please make sure you child has completed the project and turns it in on Monday. We are quickly coming up on the end of the semester/year and every grade from here on out will be an important one. Thanks in advance for your help from home.

Heads Up

Just a quick heads up. The Geometry classes are currently working on a Circle Project that will count for a major grade. Please encourage your child to do their best on the assignment as it is an easy way to raise their grade! It will be due after the Easter break.

Friday Test Day

The next Geometry Test will be this Friday 3-31-17 and it will cover 10:1,2, and 3 (Arcs, chords and diameters). The students have study guide notes on all three sections. Please have them study prior to the test Friday. Thanks.

Reminder: Geometry Test Tomorrow

Geometry test over prisms and pyramids tomorrow (lateral/surface area and volume). Students got a review today. Please have them study. Thanks.

Next Test

The next test will be here before we know it - Tuesday March 7th. It will cover lateral/total surface area and volume of prisms and pyramids. Each student should have a note sheet that reflects examples and steps to be taken to solve the problems. Please make sure your child is doing their homework to ensure they know how to solve problems dealing with prisms and pyramids.


Due to Wildkat lunch being cancelled this next week - tutorials will have to be before school at 6:45 - 7:05 if needed. After school, they will need to go to Mrs. Gathright in room B318 or Mrs. Cronan in room A307. Please make sure your child is aware of this important change. Thanks.

Current material

We are currently finding the area and perimeter of shapes such as parallelograms, triangles, kites and rhombi. Students will need to refer to their special right triangle foldable if they do not remember how to use their 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangle information to find the different sides of a triangle. Our next Geometry test will be Friday 2-24-17 and it will cover this information. Students need to be practicing this material all week in order to be comfortable with it for testing purposes next week.

Test - Next Wednesday

The next Geometry Test will be Wednesday February 8th. It will cover Rectangles, Rhombi, and Squares. The students have note sheets over all these topics that state the properties they should be using to solve problems over each topic. Please make sure your child is preparing for the test. Have them practice problems at the house. They should have all their worksheets to use as a review. A good test grade could raise their average.

January 27 - Friday

Just a friendly reminder that the next Geometry Test is this Friday. It will cover 6-1, 6-2, and 6-3 of our polygon material. The students have been working on this material and should be comfortable recognizing problems and the process they should use to solve the problems. I have only taken up one of the two assignments on each of the different topics, so they should still have at least one sheet to study from. Please have your child study for this test. Tutorials are T, W, and Th so if they are struggling, have them attend and ask questions. Thanks.

Next Test - Friday 1-27-17

Hope everyone had a good three day weekend. We have started a new topic in Geometry - Polygons. The student made a chart that should help them a lot with this information. Please encourage your child to keep up with the chart.
The test over this material will be 1-27-17.

Geometry Test - Special Triangles

The next Geometry Test is coming up quick. It will be on Wednesday January 11th. It will cover special right triangles. We did a lot of work over this topic last week. Please have your child study for the test as much as possible because it is the first test of the semester and therefore it will have a major affect on their average in the class.