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Welcome to Mrs. Rydarowski's webpage! 
I grew up in a small town not far from Willis and knew from an early age that I wanted to help others learn. I later graduated from Sam Houston State University with a major in English and a minor in Secondary Education.
This will be my twelfth year of teaching and I believe I'm more excited to start than any year before. I was fortunate enough to have several wonderful teachers during my education years who inspired me to be like them. My goal is to teach my students with the same passion they taught me.
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Class schedule  
English 2: 1st, 2nd, 7th periods  
English 2 PreAP: 3rd, 5th, 6th periods 
Wildkat lunch schedule 
Tutoring: Mon-Wed-Fri Wildkat lunch (A)
UIL Spelling: Thu Wildkat lunch (A) 
After-school tutoring
Tue-Wed-Thu 2:20-3:15


Recent Posts

Mon-student holiday
Tue- Persuasive writing sample
Wed-Gab & Go 2
Thu- Benchmark review/revision/reflection
Fri- Benchmark review/revision/reflection

Tue- Past narrative writing sample
Wed-Gab & Go 1
Thu- Rhetorical devices question trail
Fri- Rhetorical analysis of MLK's "I have a dream"

Friday, February 10th, is the last day to turn in missing Anthem response journals.
Mon-Ethos/Pathos/Logos notes
Tue- Ethos/Pathos/Logos in advertising
Wed-Ethos/Pathos/Logos in historical speeches (student practice with scenarios)
Thu- English II EOC Benchmark testing
Fri-Annotate historical speech for Ethos/Pathos/Logos

Mon-Announced AP/DC information meeting (February 13th, 6pm, WHS cafeteria)
Level: Anthem chapters 8-12 response journals due
PreAP: Anthem soundtrack assignments due
Tue-Truisms lesson
Wed-Fri Pro/Con charts in essay planning

Mon-Level: response journals workday; PreAP: turn in propaganda projects and work on chapters 8-9 response journals 
Tue-Level: read chapters 8-9 and work on response journals; PreAP: read chapters 10-12
Wed-Level: read chapter 10 and work on response journals; PreAP: work on chapters 10-12 response journals
Thu-Level: read chapters 11-12 and work on response journals; PreAP: begin Anthem The Soundtrack assignment
Fri-All classes: Chapters 8-12  response journals due by end of class
    -PreAP: continue Anthem The Soundtrack assignment (due Monday, 1/30)

Tue-Chapters 6-7; MAZE screener
Wed-Response journals workday
Thu-In class persuasive essay 
Fri-Chapters 3-7 response journals due beginning of class
    -Chapters 8-12

Anthem response journal topics and models

Journal topics:
Chapters 8-12 due date:  1/27 (choose two topics each chapters and complete 1 entry per topic)
Ch. 8: Setting, Social Commentary, Characterization or Figurative Language
Ch. 9: Characterization, Tone
Ch. 10: Syntax, Figurative Language
Ch. 11: Shift, Social Commentary, Anaphora
Ch. 12: Figurative Language, Shift, Setting
Chapters 3-7 previously due: 1/20 (2 entries per topic, unless otherwise noted).
Ch. 3: Syntax, Allusion, Shift (1)
Ch. 4: Anaphora (1)
Ch. 5: Syntax, Characterization
Ch. 6: Tone, Figurative Language
Ch. 7: Characterization, Figurative Language

Ch. 3 quote suggestions for your own journal entries:


Pg 54 short sentences “Yet we can. We do…. We do not care.”


Pg 53 “In thunderstorms, we raised a tall rod of iron by the side of our hole… We have seen the lightning strike it again and again.”


Pg 52 “The Council of Scholars has said that we all know the things which exist and therefore the things which are not known by all do not exist. But we think that the Council of Scholars is blind.”

Pg 54 “We do not know, but we shall learn.”

Ch. 4 quote suggestions for your own journal entries:


Copy my example…

Ch. 5 quote suggestions for your own journal entries:


Pg 59 “We made it. We created it.”

Pg 59 “ And when we put our wires to this box, when we closed the current--the wire glowed!”

Pg 61 “We care not about our own body, but our light is…”


Pg 59 “We know not what we are saying. Our head is reeling.”

Pg 61 ”Are we proud of this thread of metal, or of our hands which made it, or is there a line to divide these two?”

Pg 61 “And a strange thought comes to us: we wonder, for the first time in our life, what we look like.”

Ch. 6 quote suggestions for your own journal entries:  


Pg 63 “But the big tent stood grey and silent against the sky. The streets of the City lay before us, dark and empty.”

Pg 64 “... and their voice was bored.”

Pg 67 “We shall join hands to theirs, and we shall work together, with the power of the sky, for the glory of mankind.”

Figurative Language

Pg 64 Imagery “The first blow of the lash felt as if our spine had been cut in two… then the pain struck us in our throat and fire ran in our lungs without air.”

Pg 64 Simile “The lash whistled like a singing wind.”

Pg 65 Imagery “... we saw drops of red twinkling on the stones around us.”

Ch. 7 quote suggestions for your own journal entries:


Pg 68 “We are old now, yet we were young this morning…”

Pg 71 “‘We give you the power of the sky!’ … ‘We give you the key to the earth!’”

Pg 75 “We swung our fist through the windowpane , and we leapt out in a ringing rain of glass. We fell, but we never let the box fall from our hands.”

Figurative Language

Pg 68 Imagery “The leaves rustle over our head, black against the last gold of the sky. The moss is soft and warm.”

Pg 68 Simile “The Scholars… were as shapeless clouds huddled at the rise of the great sky.”

Pg 76 “Only the glass box in our arms is like a living heart that gives us strength.”
Chapters 1&2 previously due: 1/12 (2 entries per topic, unless otherwise noted).
Ch. 1: Characterization, Figurative Language, Setting (1)
Ch. 2: Social Commentary, Tone, Shift

Mon-Finish Chapter 1 response journals; begin Chapter 2 (PreAP begin thinking about propaganda project)
Tue-Chapter 2 and response journals
Wed-Chapters 3-5
Thu-Chapters 3-5 response journals
Fri-Chapters 6-7

Mon-Student holiday
Tue-Introduction to Anthem
Wed-Chapter 1
Thu-Chapter 1 continued
Fri-Response Journals

Homework 12-12-16

Remember to ask for permission to donate an item for our class gift exchange (bring them to class Tuesday, 12/13). If you need my help or have any questions, send me an email or a remind message.

Monday:turn in Informational Text Project (Banned Books) from last week and do presentations
Tuesday: discuss final exams; white elephant gift exchange (see homework post)
Wednesday, Dec. 14
7th 7:05 7:55
2nd (Exam) 8:00 9:50
3rd 9:55 10:45
5th 10:50 12:25
4th (Exam) 12:30 2:20
A 10:45 11:15
B 11:20 11:50
C 11:55 12:25
Thursday, Dec. 15  
1st 7:05 7:55
3rd (Exam) 8:00 9:50
6th 9:55 10:45
5th 10:50 12:25
7th (Exam) 12:30 2:20
A 10:45 11:15
B 11:20 11:50
C 11:55 12:25
Friday, Dec. 16  
1st (Exam) 7:05 8:55
2nd 9:00 10:00
5th (Exam) 10:05 12:25
6th (Exam) 12:30 2:20
A 10:45 11:15
B 11:20 11:50
C 11:55 12:25

2016 In-class Informational Text Project - Banned Books

This counts as two separate major grades!
Students will sign up for books with teacher. Note: students may not do their project on the same book as a classmate. 
Projects will be due at the beginning of class on Monday, December 12th:
  • informational essay-attach a page listing the sources you used (use easybib.com to help you with proper citations)
  • flyer with original illustrations
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