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My name is a Jennifer Swihart, I have been teaching in Texas for 27 year. I graduated from New Caney High in 1986, received my Bachelor of Science from Sam Houston in 1990, and my Masters in 2005. For the 2017-2018 school year I will be Co-teaching in Algebra I, and Algebra II. My philosophy is: meet each learner where they are to move them where they need to be. All student learn differently it is important to teach, the way they learn.

My schedule for 2016 - 2017 

Period                                         Class homeroom                                              homeroom teacher
1st                                               Algebra I                                                          Mrs. Smart
2nd                                              Algebra I                                                          Mrs. Smart
3rd                                               Algebra I & Algebra II                                      Mrs. Smart & Mr. Batt
4th                                               Algebra I                                                          Mrs. Smart
5th                                               Conference
6th                                               Algebra I                                                          Mrs. Smart
7th                                               Algebra I                                                          Mrs. Smart

Please see home room teachers web page for homework and other classroom information.