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Mr. Robinson's AP Zone!

I try to keep the website updated, but in the event that there is something you need from class that is not posted feel free to send me a chat message via Remind and I will gladly update the site as soon as I can.


Textbook log-in instructions: 2017-2018 class not loaded yet :(
TEMPORARY Textbook Log-in:
Username: txnetworks15
Password: networks15
Go www.willisisd.org and scroll over the "academics" tab - Choose "Single Sign-on"
Log in with your WISD username (do not include the @willisisd.org part) and password.
Select "McGraw-Hill"
Select your textbook
2017-2018 Remind 101 is up and running! Please text the message:
AP World History: @crushtheap to 81010
AP Government: @fiveorbust to 81010
UIL Social Studies: @uilrules to 81010
to get subscribed.
If you have any questions hit me up on the Remind chat feature.
What should I bring to class?
1. Notebook - I like the composition notebooks, and will probably have A FEW for sale, but you are welcome to go with your preference. Many students use the 5-subject notebooks and they work well. Whatever you choose this course is writing intensive so choose something you can easily write in and carry around.
2. A black pen - all graded / reviewed work will be done in black pen. 
3. A pen color of your choosing (Not Purple) - this color is reserved for notes and writing beyond work that is reviewed.
4. Students should be sure they have the following apps on their devices: 
a. Nearpod 
b. Kahoot! 


Parents, please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns about the class. I will be asking the students to devote 50 minutes per night to the class at home, please help your scholar to manage their time to be successful. Reading is absolutely the key to success in this class. We typically read between 5 and 15 pages in the textbook nightly. If they are reading for understanding and taking good notes nightly it will serve them well when we apply the three major concepts prescribed by the College Board for analyzing World History in class: Causation, Comparison, Change Over Time. 
The largest challenge that students face early on is learning how to navigate the overwhelming amount of information being thrown at them in the readings. I will help them to develop this skill but it will take time. Applying the concepts will be the key to success on the AP test and scholars must come into class prepared to apply these skills, this starts with the foundation built through reading. Please be diligent in ensuring that your scholar is reading nightly.
The "A" Maker Strategy! attached below