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Novel Study

Over the next few weeks we will be working on our novel study. It is crucial that you are in attendance everyday and do not get behind. We will have several assignments and quizzes over our daily readings. If you miss a day, check Google Classroom and come to Wildkat tutorials. You are responsible for reading the material on you Google Classroom everyday, even when you are absent. 

WHS Food Bank

Our counselors are running a food bank here on the Willis High School campus. If you have students that you think can benefit from this resource then please let them know about this opportunity. I will be emailing this link to the students also, but you know that many of the students that need assistance may not have access to the technology needed to read the email. If you have any questions you can speak with the counselors. Thanks.




Journal Exam

You will have your final test grade for the 9 weeks on Friday. It will be over the material in your journals from this semester including : notes, warm-ups, activities, and vocabulary.
Since we do not have Wildkat Lunch this week, please come to tutorials before or after school.

Week of 1/23- 1/27

This week in English 1, we are reviewing symbolism. We are going to be reading different genres and discussing their similar theme as well.
A Commonlit article has been assigned to PAP and it is due Friday of this week.
There will be a major independent project grade students will be working on in class this Thursday and Friday. Students will be using Animoto. The project will be due by the end of class on Friday; there will be plenty of class time for all work to be completed in class if students are on task..



Commonlit is a research-based, classroom extension tool for teachers and students. It was created to help students supplement what was being taught in the classroom, a well as help all levels of reading comprehension.
Beginning this semester, English I has created weekly lessons that can be supported by Commonlit. These weekly lessons are in most cases review of previous concepts taught in class and also ask students to read with critical focus and comprehension. Each week revolves around a theme where various genres are reviewed, and analyzed. Commonlit assignments then extend these concepts while out of the classroom.
Our goal is to help motivate and inspire students to not only desire excellence in their studies, but to take control of how their devotion and focus contributes to their own learning well beyond the high school setting.
Please encourage struggling students to use Wildkat Lunch and/or teacher tutorials if needed. 

Extra Credit Due Tuesday 1/17

You will write a one page paper comparing and contrasting the short story, “ ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ with the short movie by Alfred Hitchcock. This assignment will replace your lowest daily grade (not zeros, only assignments  you actually completed). Your paper MUST use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Your paper must have depth and insight and show comprehension of both.

PAP Homework

This semester PAP students will be assigned weekly homework on Commonlit.org. The assignments will be given at the beginning of the week and due on Friday. If you are unable to access a computer from home, you may come to Wildkat tutorials to complete your homework. I can also print out a hard copy if you come to tutorials and ask. 

Extra Credit Memo:

Friday, November 17th is the last day to bring 10 canned goods for 10 extra credit points! Bring them before class in the AM!
Also, Friday, November 17th  is the last day to turn in early vocab projects for extra credit! If you do not turn it in early for extra credit, you must turn it in on December 1st (the original due date)!!! 

Journal Test Grade

If you were not successful on your journal grade, be in tutorials Friday A lunch (11/4). This is your only opportunity to correct your journals.

Extra Credit: Vocabulary Project

If you turn your Vocabulary Project in by November 18th, you will receive extra credit. 
It is due December 1st. 

Journal Check

You will have your first MAJOR grade for this 9 weeks on Friday. I will begin checking journals so please make sure they are left in the classroom this week!!!

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