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Mrs. Slovak

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Mrs. DeAnna Slovak

English II Pre-AP and English III


Conference: 1st Period: 7:05-7:55

Tutorial: Mon-Fri 2:30-3:00

E-mail: drogers@willisisd.org This is the best way to contact me throughout the day.



BA in English from Sam Houston State University



English Language Arts and Reading (8-12)


Recent Posts

English III (all except for 7th period)
If you were absent today, you need to make plans to stay after school within two days to take your test. We will not be able to use class time for missed tests. 

English III – Test Monday

Students should review both journals and recall/understand class discussion over the following texts:

“The World on the Turtle’s Back”

“Coyote and the Buffalo”

“Of Plymouth Plantation”

“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

English II Pre-AP Vocabulary Cards

Today, we went over students' vocabulary project in class. Overall, the assignment is to make flashcards over the terms listed in the presentation; all terms are critical for A.P. bound students to learn. Although many of these have been studied prior, there are several that are new terms to students in English II. The most challenging part of this assignment is not making the flashcards - it is the amount of flashcards. Because of the amount of flashcards (46, overall), this will be taken as a major grade on December 6th. 
Students have been advised to do 1-2 flashcards a day to avoid overloading themselves by waiting until the last minute.  If students do 5 flashcards a day, they can be done with this major grade in 9 days. 
The bottom line is that students should be managing their time wisely to avoid having a lot of work at one time in December. Pacing ourselves and learning time management is an important part of learning responsibility.
Students were also reminded that they should be reading Lord of the Flies and working on the 5 DJ entries to go along with it outside of class. Although the DJs are not due until November 30th, the suggested date to have the first text/entries complete by is October 13th, which is a month away.
Note: Students need to get a binder ring, so they can keep all of the flashcards together in their binder. As they complete flashcards, they need to punch holes in each one and bind them all with the binder ring. 

Dialectical Journals Announcement

Your journals look great! In reading them, I have found mature and insightful responses that reaffirm why I LOVE teaching this subject and why I feel truly blessed to help grow our students at WHS.  
I have found several, however, that are plagiarized from various sources. Any plagiarism will result in 0/50 points on the journal portion of the grade. On future assignments, plagiarism will result in 0/100 points.


I have 51 students who have not turned in their Summer DJs electronically. This is extremely important for the grading process to continue. DJs not received electronically will not be graded by the expected teacher due date in September and may hinder UIL eligibility if the student receives a failing major grade that cannot be made up in time. 
(The four students who turned in hand-written copies of DJs can ignore this update.)

English II Pre-AP students:
Binders that were going to be due Friday, will now be due when we return, Monday, August 28th.  Please make sure that your dividers are labeled and in this order: interactive/notes, current events, writer's mindset, djs, and grammar warm-ups.
Items that should be in your binders:
sheet protector - front: your name, class, and class period (pictured above) back: PDIDLS handout
interactive/notes tab - The Masque of the Red Death annotated text, Lion and Zebra Point of View Vignettes, Poe Mind Map
grammar warm-ups tab - GW #74, GW #75, GW #79 (remember that for each warm-up you are writing the mini lesson as well as the practice sentences)
folder - tone blackout page

And the Winner is...

Students were asked to create a quick informational Google Slide detailing Edgar Allan Poe's life and world throughout his writing career. The slides above were selected as the winners because they demonstrated the most accurate information, well-organized explanation of facts and aesthetically pleasing slides.
Thank you all for your contributions in class this week and I cannot wait to use this slideshow and highlights from others in years to come. 
 Attention English II Pre-AP students:
Your teachers are steadily working to grade Summer DJ's. Our goal is to have all journals graded by Labor Day week, and no later than September 29th.
We both truly appreciate the time and effort given to your DJ's this summer, and we look forward to rewarding each and every student the same time and effort while grading. 
This week English II students will begin reading "Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allan Poe. As we continue learning about each other, we will also begin to learn how authors use point of view, tone, and rhetorical devices to convey a message to their intended audiences. 

Outside Reading Assignment

English II Pre-AP Students
Outside Reading Assignments were explained to students today. I have posted the assignment here and in Google Classroom. Please feel free to email me with any questions.
Thank you for such an awesome start to the school year!
I hope everyone has a relaxing and restful weekend :)
Super excited to grade these!!!!!!!!!!!
Just wanted to give a quick shout out to those students who took the time to read and journal this summer! Your time and effort will pay off more than you know at the moment. Thanks for a job well done and a GREAT, I repeat GREAT start to the new school year. 
See you guys tomorrow :)

English III Syllabus

 Attached is the syllabus for English III students.
If students print and turn in a signed syllabus consent form by Monday, August 21st, they will earn 10 extra points on their first unit assessment.