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English I and II STAAR testing is this week.
English I-Tuesday, March 28th
English II-Thursday, March 30th
It is recommended to get a good night's sleep, eat a good breakfast, and to come to school on time. These will help alleviate the stresses of testing :)
Good luck to both well-prepared English I and II students! You can do it!!
English I will have a notebook test this Friday. 
All students should be keeping up with notebook entries each day/week. If students are absent, remember it is the responsibility of the student to use Google Classroom, their peers, Wildkat Lunch when available, and before/after school tutorials to get all missed assignments. (This includes notebook entries) 
Don't forget to use Google Classroom when you are absent, plan to be absent, or just want to see what we will be doing in class that week. I have also posted our Grammar Warm-Ups and writing strategy slides for you to use at your leisure.  
Please utilize Wildkat Lunch and/or teacher tutorials if you need extra help in your classes.  Bring a friend to reach goals and deadlines together :)


Commonlit is a research-based, classroom extension tool for teachers and students. It was created to help students supplement what was being taught in the classroom, a well as help all levels of reading comprehension.
Beginning this semester, English I has created weekly lessons that can be supported by Commonlit. These weekly lessons are in most cases review of previous concepts taught in class and also ask students to read with critical focus and comprehension. Each week revolves around a theme where various genres are reviewed, and analyzed. Commonlit assignments then extend these concepts while out of the classroom.
Our goal is to help motivate and inspire students to not only desire excellence in their studies, but to take control of how their devotion and focus contributes to their own learning well beyond the high school setting.
Please encourage struggling students to use Wildkat Lunch and/or teacher tutorials if needed. 

January 9th-13th

This week students will be reading and discussing a short story, and an informational text article as we make insightful connections across both texts. Please see Google Classroom for details. 
PAP will have a Commonlit assignment due Friday, January 13th. 

Reminder for PAP

Do not forget both the "Excerpt from 'The Story of My Life,'" and "Burning a Book" assignments from Commonlit are due tomorrow, 01/06/17.

Happy New Year!

This week in English I students were reminded of department and classroom expectations. An outline of these reminders was sent home and is due back to their English teacher this Friday, January 6th. This, along with a notebook check and an online, in-class, reading assignment will also be due this Friday.
*Pre-AP will have an additional online reading assignment for homework that will also be due Friday. All teachers encourage students who cannot access online sources at home to use the library this week, or to take home the hard copy of the assignment provided by the teacher. (Please see the teacher if this applies to you.)
Welcome back :)

PAP Summer Reading Retest-October 5th and 6th

Below is the retest schedule for those who did not pass their Summer Reading Test. Please study your notes as instructed and come prepared.
Beam/B111- Wednesday after school
Rogers/B113- Thursday during "A" tutorials Wildkat Lunch
Students should chose the session that best fits their schedules. 

Memoir and Common Assessment Conferences

This week all students will continue to construct a memoir while I conference with each student over their Common Assessment percentage and the Revision grade to follow.
Students will be informed what these grades will look like in the gradebook, what the "revision" will consist of, and how we will grow accustomed to formulating an open-ended response for the remainder of the instructional year.
The revision grade will allow students to use the class/teacher example to formulate an insightful and text-based answer.

Attention ALL PAP Students

iSearch Projects/Presentations over Summer Reading are due this week and next.
The project dates each student signed up for have been posted on my webpage for over a week, and have been constantly posted/available in the classroom for three (3) plus weeks. They are still currently posted/available for viewing.
Please make sure all students in PAP have been working on these projects, have sought clarification during Wildkat Lunch, and are ready to present a major grade product on the day the student signed up. 
Again. Please see the "English I PAP" section of my webpage for major assignment due dates. 

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