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I graduated from Willis High School in 2005, and this will be my fourth year to teach on campus. I love this town, and I knew that after graduating from Sam Houston State University my end goal was to work for the district.  I guess it's true what they say, "Wildkats never die."



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Remember, for your sketchbook entry you have to draw something that makes you feel dreary or looks dreary. 
Students will be assigned a new sketchbook prompt on THURSDAYS and it will be due on the following WEDNESDAY.
Students will need to draw something that they think of when they hear the prompt word.  For example, this week's word is COLD; students can draw ice cream, snowflakes, some one who is sick, Olaf, etc.  Students will receive a daily grade for each week.
Help show your team spirit!!  This FRIDAY is TWIN DAY.  Dress up for the occasion and I will give you EXTRA CREDIT!!!
(Dress Code still applies on theme days -- No HATS)

Color Theory Painting

Today (9/13) we looked at the expectations for a painting project.  Attached is the rubric and a sample of the two portions of this assignment.  Both portions will be recorded as two separate MAJOR grades. I expect students to take their time, and create a quality painting and a detailed evaluation of their work. 
(NOTE: this is NOT an Art I assignment; it is only for advanced art/painting students)

9/13 - 9/22

Art I
We will be working with LINE. Students will able to achieve a multidimensional design using only lines. 
Students will work with COLOR THEORY and create a painting that uses both color and greyscale.

9/5 - 9/8

I'm so glad to have everyone back!
This week students are working with watercolors to create original designs for their sketchbook covers.  We will then stitch blank pages into the cover to complete the learning process of book making. 
***Please note that the deadline for art fees has been postponed until 9/15. This will be recorded in the grade-book as a major grade.***

Deadlines for Friday (8/25)

This week has gone quite well.  Students are designing the cover art for their sketchbooks.  I have seen some very talented designs, and cannot wait to see the finished products.
Some reminders for tomorrow: 
   - Information packets are due to your second-period teacher
   - It is the last day for schedule changes
   - In two weeks, Art Fees will be due
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions: abrumlow@willisisd.org

 I am looking forward to the 2017-2018 school year!! Here is some quick information for students and parents to take a look at.  I will have Art Fees due by September 8th. Fees and supplies will also be recorded as student's first MAJOR GRADE.
Please contact me if you have questions or problems: abrumlow@willisisd.org


Monochromatic is a reference to using shades and tints of only ONE color (as seen in the picture above).  For this final exam you will create a painting that has a monochromatic paint scheme.  This will be a project that you will work on during class for the next two weeks.  You may pick any subject matter; the only requirement is that you use one color and add various amounts of black, white, or gray to change tints and shades.

The final project will ONLY be graded during your final exam time:

Seniors: Friday (19th) 2nd period

 Tuesday (23rd) 6th period

Everyone Else: Wednesday (24th) 2nd

   Friday (26th) 6th

**If you are not present during your final exam time, your grade will be recorded as a ZERO.**

All classes are doing Batik paintings.  In short, this is a process of painting with tempera paint and then pouring black ink over it. We will work on this project over next two weeks, and then we will begin our final project. 
Here is the relocation schedule for our class.  Our only day that we will not be in class is Thursday of next week. 

Application for Art 2017-2018

The deadline for next year's application is Monday. This application is for students that want to take an advanced art class next year (i.e. Ceramics, Drawing, Sculpture, Painting). 
I encourage students to use their Google Drive for submission. Simply create a folder with your name -- In this folder you will put your Artist Statement and your TEN works of art.  
Note: If you are logged in to your Google account on your phone, you should be able to take a picture of a piece of art, and "share it" or "send it" to your Drive.
Please email me if you have any questions. 

If  you need extra time to work on a project, I am available most days after school.
Also, you could come in any time during WildKat Lunch except for B Lunch on Tuesdays.