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I graduated from Willis High School in 2005, and this will be my third year to teach on campus. I love this town, and I knew that after graduating from Sam Houston State University my end goal was to work for the district.  I guess it's true what they say, "Wildkats never die."
The past two years I primarily worked with Freshman as an English I and English I PAP teacher.  However, this year I have been given the opportunity to teach Art I and Painting (II, III, IV). I am so blessed that I finally get to teach my true passion of creativity without restrictions.  I hope you are looking forward to this year as much as I am. 



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Monochromatic is a reference to using shades and tints of only ONE color (as seen in the picture above).  For this final exam you will create a painting that has a monochromatic paint scheme.  This will be a project that you will work on during class for the next two weeks.  You may pick any subject matter; the only requirement is that you use one color and add various amounts of black, white, or gray to change tints and shades.

The final project will ONLY be graded during your final exam time:

Seniors: Friday (19th) 2nd period

 Tuesday (23rd) 6th period

Everyone Else: Wednesday (24th) 2nd

   Friday (26th) 6th

**If you are not present during your final exam time, your grade will be recorded as a ZERO.**

All classes are doing Batik paintings.  In short, this is a process of painting with tempera paint and then pouring black ink over it. We will work on this project over next two weeks, and then we will begin our final project. 
Here is the relocation schedule for our class.  Our only day that we will not be in class is Thursday of next week. 

Application for Art 2017-2018

The deadline for next year's application is Monday. This application is for students that want to take an advanced art class next year (i.e. Ceramics, Drawing, Sculpture, Painting). 
I encourage students to use their Google Drive for submission. Simply create a folder with your name -- In this folder you will put your Artist Statement and your TEN works of art.  
Note: If you are logged in to your Google account on your phone, you should be able to take a picture of a piece of art, and "share it" or "send it" to your Drive.
Please email me if you have any questions. 

Week of 04/03 - 04/07

This week we will be VERY busy on campus.  There will be Benchmark testing on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday; All of my morning classes will go to the CAFETERIA on Wednesday while I administer the benchmark.  We will have our Shattered Lives program on Tuesday and Wednesday and know that because of the program, Wildkat lunch will be canceled on Tuesday.  In class, however, things will be a little more relaxed.  Art I students will continue to work on their still-life, charcoal drawings.  This week we will add a new twist of editing and critiquing a peer's work.  In Painting, students will begin painting their Pun Paintings.  Each student is responsible for creating a painting that represents a pun.  Last week students really enjoyed looking through puns to find the perfect one for their piece.  I look forward to the week ahead and what my students will create.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me. 

Benchmark -- Wednesday Go to CAFETERIA

Attached is my schedule on where students should go. Wednesday is the ONLY day we will not be in class for the first few class periods. ****Please note that there has been an adjustment.  Even though the original plan stated we needed to go to the gym, students will be going to the cafeteria due to Shattered Lives. ****

Art I

Today Art I students began looking at various professions in the art industry.  Students will be expected to do a small amount of research (annual pay and basic tasks), and they will create a design that is appropriate for their chosen field.  For example, Industrial Design would include Architecture; students would create their own blueprint for an original structural design. 
This will be due Friday for a Quiz Grade (TWO daily grades in the grade book). 

Please keep in mind, if behavior is not ideal for the remaining EIGHT weeks of Wildkat Lunch, it will not be brought back next school year. 
Remember, Wildkat Lunch will ONLY resume if tardies go down, attendance comes up, and the overall behavior is awesome.  
This week in Art I, we will finish up our character/setting projects.  Students are expected to complete detailed drawings that use value, emphasis, texture, and form.  
This week in Painting, we will finish up our "Make the work a better place" group project.  This project will be due of Friday. 

Art I

Today we began a new project.  Students will take the textual excerpt and create their own character and setting illustrations.
Please note that this was originally designed to be a painting project. However, due to an event that occurred, students' use of paint has been suspended. Projects will be pencil based drawings until further notice. 
Tutorials have changed until further notice.  If you are in need of completing a project, please make plans to stay after school on the allotted days. 

If  you need extra time to work on a project, I am available most days after school.
Also, you could come in any time during WildKat Lunch except for B Lunch on Tuesdays.