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I graduated from Willis High School in 2005, and this will be my third year to teach on campus. I love this town, and I knew that after graduating from Sam Houston State University my end goal was to work for the district.  I guess it's true what they say, "Wildkats never die."
The past two years I primarily worked with Freshman as an English I and English I PAP teacher.  However, this year I have been given the opportunity to teach Art I and Painting (II, III, IV). I am so blessed that I finally get to teach my true passion of creativity without restrictions.  I hope you are looking forward to this year as much as I am. 



Recent Posts

Art I

Today Art I students began looking at various professions in the art industry.  Students will be expected to do a small amount of research (annual pay and basic tasks), and they will create a design that is appropriate for their chosen field.  For example, Industrial Design would include Architecture; students would create their own blueprint for an original structural design. 
This will be due Friday for a Quiz Grade (TWO daily grades in the grade book). 

Please keep in mind, if behavior is not ideal for the remaining EIGHT weeks of Wildkat Lunch, it will not be brought back next school year. 
Remember, Wildkat Lunch will ONLY resume if tardies go down, attendance comes up, and the overall behavior is awesome.  
This week in Art I, we will finish up our character/setting projects.  Students are expected to complete detailed drawings that use value, emphasis, texture, and form.  
This week in Painting, we will finish up our "Make the work a better place" group project.  This project will be due of Friday. 

Art I

Today we began a new project.  Students will take the textual excerpt and create their own character and setting illustrations.
Please note that this was originally designed to be a painting project. However, due to an event that occurred, students' use of paint has been suspended. Projects will be pencil based drawings until further notice. 
Tutorials have changed until further notice.  If you are in need of completing a project, please make plans to stay after school on the allotted days. 

Art I - Keith Haring Project

Students began their sketches for their inspired Keith Haring projects.  Students will borrow his simplistic design to create a piece that raises awareness for an important cause to them.  Students are expected to complete a rough sketch in order to gain approval of their design, and then they will begin their painting.  This project will be due this Friday. 

Painting student's project and essay will be due on Wednesday, February 15th.
**Our next project, will be a similar project that Art I did: How can we make to make the world a better place?**
February 13 -17 we will be working on analyzing visual art in ART I.  Students will be assigned a print from Keith Haring and will be asked to analyze the piece (similarly to what is shown in the photograph).  Students will then take inspiration from Haring, and they will create their own piece that is similar to Haring's style. 
Painting students will spend the next three weeks completing a painting that mirrors the techniques of a famous artist.  All students will complete a painting of an apple that resembles their chosen artist's style.  Students will also need to complete an essay that discusses their artist's history and style. 
Last year, Microsoft created a campaign to encourage all types of people to come together and create one beautiful piece of art.  It is this campaign that inspired Art I's next project.  Students will work in assigned small groups to create a collage that shows how we could make the world a better place.  The project should reflect individualism from each group member's beliefs, and the group should create an overall design that feels cohesive. This will be two major grades (one for individual work and one for the completed group grade) and we will work on it for the next two weeks.
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Mrs. Amber Brumlow
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If  you need extra time to work on a project, I am available most days after school.
Also, you could come in any time during WildKat Lunch except for B Lunch on Tuesdays.