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Welcome to Mrs.King's Webpage
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome each student to the new school year 2015-2016. I am a new teacher to Willis ISD as a instructor for the Health Science curriculum. I am very excited to join such an enthusiastic and innovative team that has a mission to promote student learning and growth. I moved to Texas this year from Kingsland, Georgia known as the home of the Camden Wildcats. I have taught the Certified Nursing Assistant course for the past 12 years and I am looking forward to starting our very own program here on our campus. I am a nurse at heart and have been practicing serving others for 31 years. Teaching and being a part of your child's education is a privilege to me. I can say I am blessed to have been teaching for the past 13 years. I look forward to meeting each student this year and helping them achieve their goals. I will be using the webpage to update assignments and future activities. You can subscribe to my webpage when you pull it up and it will send you alerts each time the webpage is updated so you can be part of this year's activities with your child.

Tutoring Opportunities: I will be available on Mondays and Wednesday from 2:20-3:20. 


Recent Posts

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all your families have a enjoyable time spending time with family. I hope all my students get the needed rest and enjoy some free time. 

Welcome Back 2017-2018

 I would like to introduce myself to you. This will be my third year at Willis High and my sixteenth year teaching as well as practicing as a nurse.  I am excited to start a new school year. Last year the CNA class passed the certification exam at 100%. The pharmacy students passed the IV Certification at 100%. I am so proud of the success of the students here at Willis High School. I will be scheduling a mandatory parent meeting soon so we can discuss the Health Science Pathway, clinicals and costs associated with any testing required. I hope you all had a great summer vacation. I will have tutoring sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays or by appointment. I do have google classroom for each of my classes and that is where I post all assignments that are due, notes, and  any important information. Please have your child show you this site so you can see what we are doing. 


I will be holding tutorials after school from 2:20-3:20 on Mondays and Wednesdays and by appointments.
The C.N.A. class is out this week Tuesday-Thursday. They have their communication test on Friday.
The Pharmacy students are out Tuesday-Thursday. They will start the unit on IV Certification/Sterile Compounding. We will take the last drug test which is comprehensive 1-20 next Friday so that gives them 2 weeks to review. The students who are doing the IV cert has to pay for this test by Feb.28th.
The Health Science students will take the Digestive/Urinary Test on Feb.22,Tuesday. Their projects for this unit is also due on Tuesday. We will be starting on the special senses after that on Wednesday.

This weeks topics Feb.13-17

The cna class has clinicals on Tuesday only. We are working on the chapter about communications. Students are retesting on Mental Illness on Friday, Feb.17th. Journals are due on Friday as well.
The pharmacy class stayed in on Tuesday due to storms. On Friday, Feb.17th they are taking a quiz over the ears,eyes, nose, hematological, and OTC. They are also taking a comprehensive test over drug lists 1-19.
The Health Science class is studying the digestive system and urinary system this week. They will take the test on these 2 units on Tuesday, Feb.21st.

Next weeks plans Feb6-10

The cna class will be working on Death and Dying and the stages of grief. We will be going out for clinicals on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday.
The Pharmacy class will be working on Hematological disorders and medicines that affect these diseases. The students will be going out for clinicals on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. We just got the laminator flow hood moved to our room so the IV cert practice can begin.
The Health Science students are working on anatomy and physiology. We will continue with the muscular system and review for our test on Tuesday and take the exam for skeletal/muscular on Wednesday,Feb.8th. Our next system is the digestive system.
Please continue to look at your child's google classroom. I post all the power points and assignments on there.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the SuperBowl on Sunday. Go Falcons.

This weeks topics January 23-27

Health Science: We are learning the anatomy of the heart this week. Some of these students also got picked to give tours on Wednesday and Thursday to our current 8th graders to show them what CTE has to offer. This will be so much fun for the students and for us teachers. We will be recruiting our future health care professionals.
CNA: We are learning out dementia and mental illness this week. We will also be meeting with the social worker to discuss the admission/discharge process, mental illness and how this is handled and documented.
Pharmacy: Pharmacy students are learning about the immune system and the eyes/ears/nose. We are on Drug LIst #16. I am so proud of this group of students and how well they are doing.

January 2-6th

Hope everyone enjoyed their time off and had a Merry Christmas. We will be busy this first week back.
The c.n.a. class will be doing clinicals on Tuesday through Thursday. They will meet at the nursing home at 6:45am and on Tuesday in their maroon scrubs.
The pharmacy class will be going out for clinicals Tuesday through Thursday and will be in maroon scrubs on Tuesday. This month we will need 30 hours for their internship. On Friday, we will have the comprehensive drug test for drugs 1-15
The Health Science will be working on their blood pressures and checking off on their skill sheets. The next clinical is on Wednesday, January 11th.

Finals Coming Up

I hope everyone is studying and creating a schedule for their finals. We will be reviewing in class starting on Monday, December 12th. I have asked the students to keep their exams and handouts for each unit we covered. We will have stations set up for each unit. The students will continue to rotate through the stations as a way of preparing for their Mid Term Exams. I do have tutoring available on Mondays and Wednesdays during WildKat lunch and daily after school by appointments.
My CNA students have completed 95% of their skills so far. We have 3 left that we will do in January. This first week in clinicals has been awesome. I have never been so proud of a group of students. They have really been able to put what they have learned in the classroom into practice.
My Pharmacy Students have completed their first week of clinicals. They need 12 hours for the month of December. The time sheets will be turned in January 3, 2017. If they would like to get more hours in since they are off, I encourage them to do so.
The Health Science Students will be practicing blood pressures over the holiday. They are allowed to check out a blood pressure cuff and stethescope to practice with. The more they practice, the more confident they will become.

December 5-9th

We will be working on the following next week:
CNA: Nutrition and First Clinicals on Tuesday(maroon scrubs) and Thursday(eggplant scrubs). I know the students are nervous but I know they will do great. They are to report to Conroe Nursing Home at 6:45am.
Pharmacy: Medical Math and first clinicals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Health Science: Vital Signs and checking off on the skill sheet for Pulse and Respirations. Will be teaching the blood pressure skill as well so they can practice over the Christmas break. This class will have clinicals on Wednesday, wearing the grey scrubs.


This week the classes are working on the following assignments:
CNA: Elimination and test on 11/30 and then Nutrition. The skills are bedpan, urinal, measuring urinary output.
Pharmacy: The students took a test on 11/29 on Therapeutics and will be working on Math for Pharmacy Techs for the next 2 weeks
Health Science: Students are working on Temperatures, Pulse, Respirations, and Blood pressures over the next several weeks.
Hope you all are enjoying the Christmas Season. I know the students are looking forward to their Christmas Break. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I know the students will enjoy their week off to relax and spend quality time with their families. I am not giving any assignments or projects over the break.
When we come back after the break we will be working on the following topics in class:
CNA: urinary elimination skills
Pharmacy: We will be taking a unit test over the 4 units on Tuesday. We will also be on drug list #12
Health Science: We will be starting vital signs starting with temperatures.