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In class African Projects

In class the week of March 27th,  students will be working on an A-Z culture book.  Students will create a list of  terms based on physical, political, and human geography of  the countries in  Africa represented by each letter of the alphabet. Students will write the definition or significance of each term and draw an illustration.  The African book will be a Major Grade based on content, illustration creativeness, and overall design of the book.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Hope the Spring Break was awesome!!  We will begin exploring Sub-Saharan Africa by identifying key terms,  labeling physical, political, and climate maps, and taking open notes over power points. Look forward to seeing you return on Monday, March 20th.

Sub-Sahara Africa

Students will begin a new unit this week.  We will introduce the people, land, and history of Sub-Sahara Africa from Tuesday-Friday.  

N Africa and SW Asia Unit Test

Students will complete economic and religious notes for Units 6 & 7 on Monday and Tuesday,  2-27 and 2-28.  Students will begin review for N Africa and SW Asia on Wed & Thur.  The N Africa test will be on Friday, March 3rd and consist of  MC, Matching, and Short Answer portions.   

Essay writing and SW Asia notes

On Tuesday, students will create a Venn diagram representing the essay prompt.  Students will follow guidelines to research, identify, and analyze the similarities and differences of two world religions.  Students will write a one page essay on Wednesday following the essay prompt.  The rest of the week students will take closed notes over the culture and economics of N Africa and SW Asia.


Tutorials will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 6:30am due to the suspension of Wildkat Lunch.  

Africa and SW Asia

Students will begin next week (Mon & Tues) preparing for a compare and contrast essay.  The essay will be written in class on Tuesday, Feb. 14th.  On Wednesday,  we will begin the new unit over Africa and SW Asia.  Students will complete the vocab. and map work followed by power point notes the rest of the week.

Russian Unit Test

Students will complete their Russian review worksheets next week.  The test will be scheduled for next Friday,  Feb. 10th.  Students will complete a MC portion and short answer questions for the exam.

Russian Time-line Project

Students will complete a Russian time-line Project in class this week  (1-30 thru 2-3). Students will receive directions for the project on Wed and  time-line class project will be due on Friday.  This will be a major grade and students must complete work in class (Project can not be taken home).

Russia and Central Asia

On Tuesday, we will begin a new unit covering Russia and Central Asia.  We will learn about the physical, cultural, and economics of this region.  

Europe Test

We will have a Europe Test  on  Wed and Thur,  January 18th-19th.  Please study your notes and  review sheet for the test.

Europe Unit

Students will take notes over the physical features, culture, and economics of Europe this week.  We will begin the review on Friday and complete the review by Tuesday.  The Europe test will be  next Wed and Thur (1-18,19).  


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break!  Look forward to having all of our students back in school tomorrow! We will begin a unit covering Europe in my PAP World Geography class.  We will focus on key vocabulary terms,  labeling European maps, and studying map-related assessment questions.

Latin America

We will have a Latin America Test on Friday, Dec. 9th.  Please study your review for this exam.

Latin America

We will continue our unit over Latin America this week.  Activities will include completing critical thinking worksheets,  small groups taking on challenges of Latin America, and constructing a rough draft and essay of the journey to the Americas. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and  look forward to seeing you in class Monday.

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