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5 Themes Project

On Monday, Sept. 18th  we will spend our last class day on the 5 themes project.  Come to class prepared to take final steps on finishing the project.  Also,  we will begin discussing population trends and the ability to read population charts this week.  Students will get to play the part of a "city planner"  toward the end of the week as they will create and develop their own city in an "urbanization project".

Unit 1 - Physical Geography Test

Students will begin the Unit 1 review on Monday, Sept. 11th and we will conclude the review work on Tuesday.  Discussions, info. about short answer questions, and grading the review will happen in class Tuesday.  The Unit 1 Test will be given on Wednesday, September 13th.  On Thur & Friday, we will work on class projects relating to the 5 themes of geography.

Welcome Back!!

 The students will be able to read ,  label, and interpret different types of maps in PAP World Geography . They will be learning about the earth-sun relationship and the different affects of climate on the world.  We will have some good, current event  discussions about Hurricane Harvey and its impact.  I really hope that our Willis students and families have been safe during the storms and floodwaters!!  We are looking forward to getting back to school and working with our students!!

PAP World Geography

 Welcome back to school!!  We will go over class procedures and begin an introduction of PAP World Geography on Thursday & Friday, August 17th & 18th.  I am looking forward to meeting all my 9th grade students!!