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“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors and the most patient of teachers.”
Mrs. Gragert has been teaching in Willis ISD for 3 years. 
She will be teaching English II level and PAP during the 17-18 school year.
English II Summer reading and assignments for PAP courses can be found here:
It is also posted on my webpage.
BA in English from Sam Houston State University
7-12 English Language Arts
1st period: Conference
2nd period: English 1
3rd period: English 1
4th period: English 1 PAP
5th period: English 1 
6th period: English 1 PAP
7th period: English 1

Tutorial Times:

If you would like to request a conference with Mrs. Gragert, please send her an email. She will contact you promptly to set a date.


Recent Posts

English II Summer Reading for pre-ap courses:

It looks like you guys are not the only ones who will soon be traveling onwards and upwards to English II; I'm going with you! Although I'm not sure who will be in my classes next year, I am excited to see familiar faces and for the English II curriculum!
Are you taking PAP English II? If so, get ready!
Attached are the Summer reading options/assignments for all English II PAP courses.
It is critical to your success that you carefully read and complete all readings/assignments before the first day of school next year. Please carefully review the attached information.

This week in English 1 (5/8-5/12/17)

This week, we are finishing our research project. Students should already have completed their research paper and works cited. This should be submitted through Google classroom. 
The visual representation is due at the end of class on Wednesday. Students will present their visual Thursday and Friday. Students can choose any artistic medium or online resource to create a visual that conveys their answer to the question or belief about the concept:
English 1: Do you think material possessions corrupt humanity?
Pre-AP: Do you think your social class is predestined?

This week in English 1 (5/1 - 5/5/17)

This week, we are researching for evidence that supports the answer to our guiding question. Once research is collected, students will be writing a research paper. We will practice citing in M.L.A. format to avoid plagiarizing. This is part 1 of a 2 step, major grade project. The paper and works cited page should be done by this Friday, 5/5. Expectations for the project will be posted promptly. 
Students have known all semester that the vocabulary project would be due this week. It needs to be turned in by this Wednesday. Since I will not see most of my students Thursday, it can be turned in Friday for 1 day late. However, projects will not be accepted at all past that date.

This week in English 1 (4/24 - 4/28/2017)

This week, we are finishing The Pearl and discussing how to properly research. The book drive ends on Friday. Students should be working on their vocabulary projects because they are due next week.

We are participating in the NEHS book drive. Students are welcome to donate up to 10 children's books by Friday, April 28th. They will earn a point per book, and the 10 points will be applied to their lowest major grade. Participation is optional but encouraged. Let's share the joy of reading! 

This week in English 1 (4/17 - 4/21/17)

This week, we are continuing our study of The Pearl. We are exploring the concepts of greed and cultural oppression while we read, while also reviewing symbolism and figurative language and making connections to Australia. Student should be bringing their chart and guiding question worksheet to class each day. 
Students should be working on their vocabulary project. It is due for a major grade on May 3rd. This is an independent project that was assigned at the beginning of the semester. All options/rubrics can be found here, on my website. Students can also grab an extra copy in class.

Woohoo! It's a 4 day week. Today, students are finishing their parable/fable project. These are due for a quiz grade at the end of class today. Tomorrow, students have a test over Australia. Every student is responsible for knowledge of the film for this test. There have been ample opportunities to make up any missed knowledge in tutorials both during and after school. Students will be allowed to use their chart on the test, so be sure to bring it to class tomorrow. Wednesday/Thursday, we will begin reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck.
I know we will have a hoppy week and even hoppier easter :)

Test on Tuesday, 4/11

There will be a major grade test on Tuesday over the film Australia. Students will be allowed to use the notes we took in class over the film on the test. Any part of the film students missed must be watched prior to Tuesday. Each student is responsible for knowledge of the entirety of the film.

This week in English 1 (4/3-4/7/17)

This week, we are finishing Australia. Then, we will be discussing the use of oral tradition in Australia in preparation to read The Pearl. We will talk about the difference between a parable and a fable, and students will have the opportunity to write their own story to be passed down through the generations. This project will be a quiz grade due Monday, 4/10.

The time has come for students to take the English 1 EOC (STAAR test). Tuesday is game day. We have worked so hard this year, and I know, with effort, each and every one of you will soar.
Rest up, eat a nice breakfast, and come to school ready to put this test behind you and soar on forwards (towards summer)!