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You're LIVING! You occupy *SPACE*! You have mass. You MATTER!
Hello everyone!
This is my first year at Willis High School and my first year teaching Chemistry. I graduated from Anderson-Shiro Jr./Sr. High School. I then went on to Sam Houston State University and graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. I'm very excited to meet everyone and cannot wait to get started!
Chemistry can be a rigorous course, but I am here to help facilitate learning and will answer as many questions as you have! I can be reached during my conference period or during tutorial times by e-mail or phone. If I do not answer, no worries! Leave me a message and I will get back in touch with you as quickly as possible. My e-mail address and phone number are listed to the right of this page.
Conference:  7:05 am - 7:55 am 
1st Period - Conference
2nd Period - Chemistry
3rd Period - Chemistry
4th Period - Chemistry
5th Period - Chemistry
6th Period - Chemistry
7th Period - Chemistry
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday during "A" lunch. I am also available after school by appointment. 
Late Work Policies: 
  • 10 points will be deducted each day that the assignment is late. 
  • The highest grade possible on late work will be a 70. 
  • If the work is not turned in by the end of the 9-week grading period, the grade becomes a zero. 
  • Late work must be complete to be accepted.
  • If a major grade is late, 5% is taken off per day that it is late. (This does not apply to tests.)
Absent Work:
  • It is YOUR responsibility to pick up make-up work. Make-up work will be left by the front door next to the turn in tray. 
  • If absent for a quiz or test, the student will have to make it up upon their return. This will usually be an alternate quiz or test!
Additional Notes:
Do NOT plagiarize!
Do NOT be afraid to make mistakes!
PLEASE ask questions!
PLEASE BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)! There will be some days when devices are needed and you are more than welcome to bring your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to class. But if we are not using them as a class, I should not see your phone out.  Also, while you may bring your device to class, this does not mean you can have them in every class and you will be responsible for the device at all times
Below is a copy of the textbook we will be using this year. Every chapter is made available to you on my page; each chapter is in its own pdf. 
Image result for modern chemistry textbook


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Molar Mass Problems

Molar Mass problems from earlier this week. These should have already been turned in for a grade.
Remember, when going from moles to grams, multiply number given by molar mass in the periodic table.
When going from grams to moles, divide number given by molar mass inthe periodic table.
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Nickie Hale
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