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Coach Opp's Classes

Week of 11/13/17
     We are wrapping up our fluid dynamics projects on Monday.  Students will do their presentations and demonstrations on Tuesday and Wednesday.  This will be a major grade and two daily grades.  I will be out of the classroom on Thursday and Friday at our coach's conference.
     I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  God Bless!!
Coach Opp
About Coach Opp...
     This is my 26th year in education.  During that time I have been a teacher, coach, administrator and educational sales representative.  I have 6 children. There are two Marines, one Sailor, one in college and two still in school.  My wife is an incredibly gifted educator in a local school district.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your student!  I look forward to a great year at WHS!!
Coach Opp's Schedule:
7:20 - 8:13          Period 1          Aquatic Science
8:17 - 9:10          Period 2          Aquatic Science
9:14 - 10:07        Period 3          Aquatic Science
10:11 - 11:04      Period 4          Aquatic Science
11:08 - 12:42      Period 5          Aquatic Science
                                 A lunch   11:04 - 11:34
12:46 - 1:39       Conference
1:43 - 2:35         Boy's Soccer
I am available most mornings and afternoons for tutoring.