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Mrs. Valerie Smith, LBSW, M.Ed. » Biography


My name is Valerie Smith and I am excited to start the 2016-2017 school year.. This is my first year to teach at Willis High School. I grew up in Conroe and graduated from Conroe High School. I attended Willis ISD in 3rd through 7th grade.   I am married to a wonderful husband, and we have a third grade daughter and a 1 year old son.  I received my bachelor's degree in Social Work from Lubbock Christian University in 2004, and completed my master's degree in education in 2007. Prior to working in education, I was a social worker and worked in cancer care, long term care, and hospice care. I am looking forward to a great year. 
My Schedule
                          o Period 1: Culinary Arts
o Period 2: Conference
o Period 3: Culinary Arts
o Period 4: Nutrition
o Period 5: Child Development/Child Guidance
o Period 6: Child Development/Child Guidance
o Period 7: Human Growth and Development
Monday and Wednesday during B Lunch
Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns: vsmith@willisisd.org


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Final Exam Schedule

Friday May 19th
7th 7:05-7:55
2nd (Exam for Seniors) 8:00-9:50
3rd 9:55-10:45
5th 10:50-12:25
4th (Exam for Seniors) 12:30-2:20
Monday May 22nd
1st 7:05-7:55
3rd (Exam for Seniors) 8:00-9:50
6th 9:55-10:45
5th 10:50-12:25
7th (Exam for Seniors) 12:30-2:20
Tuesday May 23rd
1st (Exam for Seniors) 7:05-8:55
2nd 9:00-10:00
5th (Exam for Seniors) 10:05-12:25
6th (Exam for Seniors) 12:30-2:20
Wednesday May 24th
7th 7:05-7:55
2nd (Exam) 8:00-9:50
3rd 9:55-10:45
5th 10:50-12:25
4th (Exam)12:30-2:20
Thursday May 25th
1st 7:05-7:55
3rd (Exam) 8:00-9:50
6th 9:55-10:45
5th 10:50-12:25
7th (Exam) 12:30-2:20
Friday May 26th
1st (Exam) 7:05-8:55
4th 9:00-10:00
5th (Exam) 10:05-12:25
6th (Exam) 12:30-2:20

Looking Ahead:
Spring Break is March 13th through 17th
There are only 18 school days in March
19 School days in April 
20 School days in May!
Make wise choices and continue to work hard. 

Looking Ahead: Class Announcements

Student Holiday Monday February 20th! Enjoy!
All Classes will be in the Computer Lab A112 Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday February 21,22,and 24th.
All classes will have a Substitute Teacher Thursday February 23rd. Mrs. Smith will be at a school sponsored event. 
Spring Break is March 13th-17th No School
Good Friday is Friday April 14th: No School
Last Day of School May 26th!
Last Day of 3rd 9 weeks is March 10th: Get all grades in and makeup any missing work.
4th 9 weeks is March 20th-May 26th
"Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones."
Keep on keeping on. You are more than halfway through the year!
You've got this!