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About me

Welcome! I have been a RN for 22 years and this will be my first year teaching Health Science at Willis High School. I am so excited to share the knowledge and passion I have for health care with my students. I have lived in the Conroe/ Willis area for 10 years, I am married and have a 11 year old son who attends Brabham Middle School. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.
Period 1: Principles of Health Science
Period 2: Principles of Health Science
Period 3: Conference 8:53-9:43
Period 4: Principles of Health Science
Period 5: Principles of Health Science
Period 6: Health Science
Period 7: Principles of Health Science


Recent Posts

Week of 3/20-3/24

Mon- Infection control- the chain of infection
Tues- Microorganism's
Wed- Antibiotics
Thurs- Infectious disease project
Fri- Infectious Disease project

Week of 3/6-3-10

Mon- Blood Pressure
Tues- Quiz over Blood pressure, Begin skill check off
Wed- Skill check off
Thurs- Skill check off/ TBA
Fri- TBA

Week of 2/20-2/24

Tues- Respirations
Wed- Respirations
Thurs- Quiz- Temp, Pulse Resp.  Begin skill check off
Fri- Skill Check off

Week of 2/6-2/10

Mon- Elderly- Death/dying
Tues- Maslow's Theory- Guest speaker Dr. Carrie Butler
Wed- Kubler-Ross Theory
Thurs- Growth and Development review- English 2 benchmarks
Fri- Growth and Development Quiz

Week of 1/30-2-3

Mon- Urinary Reproductive Test
Tues- Fri- We will begin working on a group project over Growth and Development.  This will be a major grade.  Students will work on this with their groups in class Tues-Thurs and then present the projects to the class on  Friday.

Week of 1/23-1/26

Monday- Male Reproductive System
Tuesday- Pregnancy
Wednesday- Pregnancy
Thursday- Review Urinary and Reproductive System
Friday- Test Urinary and Reproductive System
Power Points for Test Review are available on Google Classroom.  Code 2f0capo

Week of 1/16-1/20

Monday- No School (MLK Day)
Tuesday- Urinary System Anatomy
Wednesday- Urinary System Physiology
Thursday- Urinary System Pathophysiology
Friday- Female Reproduction System

Week of 1/9-1/13

Monday- Digestive Anatomy
Tuesday- Digestive Physiology
Wednesday- Digestive Pathophysiology
Thursday- Respiratory and Digestive system review
Friday- EXAM- Digestive and Respiratory System
All videos and power points for review are posted on Google classroom.  Code: 2f0capo

Week of 1/3-1/6

Tuesday- Respiratory Anatomy
Wednesday- Respiratory Physiology
Thursday- Respiratory Lab (group project)
Friday- Respiratory Pathophysiology

Final Schedule

Final exam schedule for Principles of Health Science as follows:
Wen 12/14 2nd period 08:00-09:50
                   4th period 12:30-2:20
Thurs 12/15 7th period 12:30-2:20
Fri 12/16 1st period 07:05- 08:55
                5th period 10:05-12:55
A review power point and a EXTRA CREDIT opportunity is posted on my Google Classroom.  Code 2f0capo.

Google Classroom Link- Code 2f0capo

I put all the power points we use in class and links to videos on Google Classroom.  Going back over this information is a excellent way to prepare for Exams or to review information if you missed a day of class.