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Wildkat Tennis Team New York Bound

The NYC trip is only five days away and the Wildkats are buzzing. Talk of the trip is heard at every practice, tournament and get-together. I expect this to be a highlight of the 2013-14 year for this team. 

Is is guaranteed that we will be able to watch any legends play? No. Does that phase any one? Not in the slightest. Seeing any professional players play in real life (not through the television screen, at last!) will be rewarding in itself. This is personally my first time going to New York and it seems almost overwhelming to be able to not only go to such a grand city, but to be able to attend such a grand event of something I’m so passionate about. 

Although the US Open isn’t the only thing that everyone is raving about. Other popular topics of discussion include the city itself. Iosua, co-captain, is particularly excited about seeing Broadway St. and Juliard. I’m hoping to get some shopping done myself!

This also seems like a great bonding experience for an already close-knit team. Sharing a room and sitting together on a four hour plane ride is a sure fire way to bring you together with your team mates!

Maybe the summer coming to an end isn’t so bad, the Wildkats definitely have a lot to look forward to this season.

By Megan Johnson