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Counseling Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I see my Counselor during school?
Students are able to stop by their counselor's office before school, between classes, during lunch and after school. In the case of an Emergency the student should notify their teacher or an AP as soon as possible.
How do parents get in contact with their child's Counselor?
Parents should e-mail or call the Counselor. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the Counselor to return the phone call or e-mail. If it is an emergency please indicate so in the message.
How do I get my GPA and class rank?
Students may request a transcript through Ms. Davis in A100B. GPA and class rank are computed twice a year: late January (after 1st semester grades are recorded) and late June (after 2nd semester grades are recorded).
How can I get proof of enrollment?
All proof of enrollments are done through the Assistant Principal. 
When should I complete my FAFSA?
Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) forms are available every October 1, and should be completed as soon as possible, preferably after parents have filed their taxes in the Spring of their child's Senior year. Parents are not required to have filed their taxes at the time they submit their FAFSA but will be required to update it once they do complete it.
What is Willis High School’s School Code, CEEB Code, ETS Code?
How do I register for the SAT or ACT with writing?
www.actstudent.org for ACT with writing
I have taken the SAT or ACT, but didn’t send my scores, how do I do that?
Where can I find scholarship information?
Log on to the College and Career Center page, click on the Scholarship tab located to the right of your screen.
Do I have to apply before I send a transcript or Secondary School Report?
No, you can send them out then apply. Do not hesitate on SSRs.
How do I send a transcript to a college?
They will have you fill out a request form from Mrs. Davis in A100B.
How do I send a transcript to an honors program or scholarship?
Follow the above directions, only choose send for scholarship purposes and type in the address.
My scholarship application says that I need an official transcript and everything must be mailed together, what do I do?
Complete your portion of the application, collect any required letters of recommendation then pick up your transcript from Mrs. Davis and mail the entire package.
I am not in the top 10% so can I get automatically into a school?
YES!!! Texas public schools and most out of state public schools also have auto requirements for those not in the top 10%. Check their websites.