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Congratulations to the 2018-19 Sweethearts
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The new team meeting for our 2018-19 Sweethearts is Wednesday, May 9th from 3:15-5:00.  This meeting is for members only.  Your first payment of $187.50 is due for line camp.  Please make checks payable to WSBC.  Bring a paper and pen to take notes.  Also be prepared to start our new team fundraiser.  We are very excited for the upcoming year! Congratulations Sweethearts!
 Congratulations to the following candidates that we would like to have train in our
Drill Prep program:
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Our drill prep program will be geared towards training and preparing girls to improve as dancers and gain necessary skills to become a Sweetheart.  There will be a possibility of performance opportunities.  Candidates will meet with Sweetheart Asst. Director, Mrs. Troy, on Wednesday, May 9, from 3:15-3:45.  Please bring paper and pen.  Members of our drill prep program are still eligible and welcome to serve as Sweetheart Managers.  Please contact Mrs. Cade at kcade@willisisd.org if you would like to be a manager.  We love our managers and they are a full part of our team! If you have questions about drill prep prior to the meeting, please contact Mrs. Troy at ttroy@willisisd.org.
Being a Willis Sweetheart Drill Team member has been the highlight of many young ladies’ high school memories. It affords the opportunity for self-development in many areas; goal setting, high standards, morals, maturity, responsibility, dependability, and self-discipline. Members also learn the value of hard work and dedication!
 A Sweetheart must have:
  • Dance ability, poise, flexibility, and presentation.
  • An outstanding work ethic – being a Sweetheart is a major commitment of time and energy.
  • Good grades and a good rapport with the teachers and administrators.
  •  A flexible schedule and an open calendar –There are commitments during the summer months, weekends,  and competition season is very hectic. There are some practices on school holidays. There is never an off- season!
  •  A positive attitude, be self-motivated, and a sense of teamwork. There is no “I” in “TEAM!!!
  • Leadership ability – you will represent Willis High School and our community.
  • The ability to follow rules. The Sweethearts are a highly structured organization. The Sweethearts are a  successful organization due to its structure and discipline. 
For more information on the Sweethearts, please visit these sites:
Willis.Sweehearts on Instagram