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(NHS) National Honor Society

To be selected into the Willis High School chapter of the National Honor Society you must meet four criteria and go through a four step process to see if you meet the criteria. The criteria is based on your high school career. 
Step One: A quarry is compiled based on the criteria of Scholarship that students: 
1. be enrolled in WHS for at least one semester. 
2. be in 11th or 12th grade. 
3. be in the top quarter of their class. 
4. have at least a 4.0 GPA on the weighted scale on Tier 2.  
5. be presently in or have been in at least two Honors type classes while in high school.
Step Two: The candidates that met the first criteria are then invited to come to a meeting with the NHS adviser to find out how to complete the Candidate Resume. The Candidate Resume must be completed to the best of the candidate's ability. Completion means that all signatures have been acquired where they are required. This form must be either typed or in dark ink. DO NOT USE LIGHT COLORED INK PENS OR PENCIL. You also need to print out 6 copies of the Candidate Teacher Evaluation form, select 6 WHS staff members, three (3) of the 6 must be from current teachers and two (2) from core teachers, who know you well and ask them to fill out the recommendation form for you. They will then return the form to me. Make sure you fill in both your name and the teacher's name before you give the form to your teacher. A two page typed double spaced essay is optional if you feel that you need additional room to explain anything not on the forms. The candidates have two weeks to get the forms printed out, completed and turned in. 
Friday, October 13, 2017 ALL Forms are Due. 
Make sure copies of all forms, certificates, are on 8.5 X 11 paper, are one sided and are portrait orientation. 
Monday, November 27, 2017 NHS Induction.  
Step Three: During this two week time the NHS sponsor runs disciplinary and attendance reports on each candidate through the assistant principals offices and assist the principal in getting the faculty council lined up. The faculty council is made up of five WHS staff who volunteer to go over each form to see which of the candidates have meet all the criteria. 
Being selected into the National Honor Society is a privilege and not a right. 
Step Four: The faculty council then meets and goes over each candidate packet that is turned in. The faculty council then approves those candidates that have met all four criteria of Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character. Once the candidates have been selected based on the four criteria they are then notified that they have been selected and are invited to the induction ceremony.You are not a member of NHS until you have gone thru an induction ceremony.  At the ceremony the candidates are inducted into the National Honor Society. 
At which time they are invited to participate in a WHS NHS tradition, the Wax Museum.  They will miss one day of school going to all the schools in the Willis School District. They will be responsible for: picking a positive role model to portray, coming up with their costume and poses, making a name plate and typing a one page double spaced report on their person including a picture of this person. They also will be responsible for making up all missed work.
The National Honor Society website is www.nhs.us.
If you are a transfer student to WHS from a school where you were inducted into NHS come by and let me know. I will need to contact the advisor at the school you came from to get verification of your membership before you can be a WHS NHS member.