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WHS Graduation Information

Graduation Process

(WHS 2018 Graduating Seniors)


Graduation Ceremony starts at 7:00 PM but arrive at the Kinesiology Buiding no later than 5:30
PM. remember your cap and gown, NHS collar, pins, cords etc.! Please note that all perspective graduates should look uniform during graduation-DO NOT decorate or alter the appearance of your purple cap.

Go to the Kinesiology Building wearing Cap and gown to get in walking /seating order. Family members need to go to the coliseum to get their seats at that time. Leave purses, electronic devices, cell phones, etc. with relatives or in the car.

Enter the Kinesiology Building and immediately stand in your row (will be Left and Right sections).

Once given the cue, both lines will proceed to the coliseum.


Cards will be placed on each chair in the coliseum with your name (official record), section, and seat number. You will be given a card in the Kinesiology Building for lining up and will bring that card to be used during graduation as you approach the stage.

We enter coliseum concourse and each section (left/right) will take the appropriate entrance to the stairwell and will meet up again down on the graduation floor. Both lines will wait at the west entrance until given the signal to enter the center aisle of the graduation floor. Seniors will walk the center aisle maintaining a consistent distance between the people in front as well as keeping pace with your partner from the opposite section.

All seniors enter, follow person in front of you and remain standing until all seniors (all rows) have come down the center aisle and have made it to their assigned seat. After the prayer, you will be given instructions by your Principal /master of ceremonies when to sit.

WALKING (receiving diploma)

First Row seniors (left and right section) will be asked to stand and then entire row will walk to stage. All subsequent rows will follow the same procedure (both left and right side sections of the entire row stand and then exit when given the cue by a teacher) to approach the stage ramp in a single file line.

Take your card to the stage and as your turn comes up, you will hand it to the counselor or associate principal at the podium. If your name has a specific pronunciation, you may write it on the card and whisper your name to the announcer.

Seniors will walk across the stage and receive their diploma cover and shake hands with the principal, assistant principal, superintendant and a school board member.

Pictures will be taken of each graduate as they receive their diploma cover and at a back drop along the ramp exiting the stage. Photo cards will be placed on your seat at graduation practice with order information. During practice you will fill out and turn in the photo card.

After pictures, seniors will exit the stage and walk to the back of the Left and Right sections. Walk back up the center aisle to their original location. Please note that seniors in the right section will return to their original seats but all students in the left section will end up being flipped but it will make no difference, just fill the row.

Graduation Expectations

High school graduation is a special time for family members and friends. We need to make sure we respect our fellow graduates and their families by avoiding extensive cheering after each name is announced so we can all hear each student as they are called to receive their diploma. Noise makers and air horns are not permitted in the coliseum.

Seniors that do not comply with graduation expectations will not receive their diplomas and must have their parents available for a conference the following week. All seniors must participate in graduation practice to walk on the night of graduation. Graduation practice will be held at WHS on Thursday, May 24th. 

Young ladies should wear dresses and young men slacks, white dress shirt and tie for this formal occasion. Seniors should wear comfortable dress shoes and no tennis shoe will be allowed.

Sam Houston State University police officers and Montgomery County Precinct 1 deputies will be at graduation. They will enforce SHSU Coliseum policy that states air horns and noisemakers are prohibited and failure to follow SHSU guidelines will result in confiscation and guest removal.

All seniors will be expected to be respectful and act responsibly during the ceremony. Conduct that disrupts the graduation or is disrespectful to Willis High School Staff and families will result in your diploma being withheld pending a parent conference.

We are all proud of our Class of 2018 Graduates and we hope this will be a family time they will all remember.