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Course Name: Radio Broadcasting I-II
PEIMS Code: N1300991 & N130092
Credits: ½ - 1

Course Overview
Students will learn the theory and history of radio production as well the production processes involved in commercial production, scripting, news writing and reporting, audio editing, remote production, and radio programming. Radio Broadcasting II is project based and involves more skill development, the implementation software, and team building.

Description to Students
The class you are about to take is REAL. The students in this class are not actors. They are actual broadcasters that will be qualified to operate an internet-based radio station. This is as real as it gets.

Because it is real, you will be expected to know and follow FCC rules and regulations. We will spend a great deal of time impressing upon you the responsibilities of being a good broadcaster and what it means to earn the trust and admiration of your listeners. Think of Kat Radio as a living, breathing organism. We want to serve as good stewards of this broadcasting medium so that it continues to grow and prosper beyond our time here.

In this course, you will learn by doing. There is NO TEXTBOOK. By that same token, there is NO SAFETY NET either when you are on the air. We are 100 percent live (mostly pre-recorded), and your words, actions, and activities can effect an entire population of listeners. This is BROADCASTING. The station is received for free to the homes, tables, smart phones, and computers of the Willis radio market.

You will learn audio production techniques. You will learn on-air techniques and how to put together a radio program. We will work on pronunciation and getting the most out of your voice.

Learning Topics
Rules, Regulations, Safety , Radio Production , Voice Acting and Voice Tracking, Becoming an Air Personality , Target Audience , Script Writing, Broadcast Journalism and News, Talk Radio and Sports Radio, Radio Ratings & Sales, Promotions and Publicity , Programming, Press Releases ,  Music , Basic Engineering , Radio Management , Technical Equipment, Evaluation

Grading Requirements

Students in this course are given most assignments on the first day of class. Other assignments may be given by the instructor in addition on future dates. Grades are weighted into two separate categories each determining a different percentage of your final grade in the class.

Major Projects, Interviews, and Exams                                            60%
Daily Performance, Promos, Scripts, Critiques                               40%