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Mrs. Coldwell's Home Page

This year marks my 19th year at Willis High School and I still love every minute of it. I grew up in Spring and attended McCullough High School in The Woodlands, graduating with honors in 1990. The next step in my journey took me to Sam Houston State University where, in 1994, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Art with certification to teach both. My next step took me to Austin where I worked for two years at The University of Texas. I soon decided it was time to begin my teaching career so, with an offer from Houston ISD, I began teaching 8th grade English at Sharpstown Middle School in 1996. I loved the multicultural student body which included students from all over the world, but I badly missed the cool beauty that can only be found in the trees north of Houston. Thus, in 1998 I accepted a job at Willis High School to teach English III and Art I, and my husband and I built ourselves a home in the National Forest on the northwest end of Lake Conroe. I love living in such a wild area; where birds of all kinds migrate through my yard; a tame deer sleeps in my backyard; an owl that I rescued, nursed back to health and released still visits and hoots at me on occasion; and I can be on the lake to watercolor the sunset in mere moments. I have now been teaching in the Fine Arts Department full time since 2001, and like I said, I love every minute of it.


Recent Posts

Inspirational Legacy Art Installation

Leave behind a LEGACY to inspire students & educators for years to come. Your art installation will, in a sense, make you immortal, for you will always be a part of Willis High School.

What kind of artwork could you design that would:

~ Be Inspirational, Meaningful, TIMELESS and stunningly beautiful?
~ Be impressive enough to make a REAL Impact?

Your legacy must:

1.  Inspire viewers through an emotionally evokative artwork.
2.   Contain at least one word, preferably a quote or phrase.
(cite author, whether it be you, someone else, or “unknown”).
3.  Display a balanced and well planned composition.
4.  Be tasteful, appropriate, & sensible.
5.  Be large enough to be easily viewed from a distance.

Handmade Sketchbook

Create your very own sketchbook to draw, sketch, or journal in.  

You will use the sketchbook in class and it will be yours to keep at the end of the year. The sketchbook will be designed so that you can continue to add pages to it.

1. Watercolor front & back cover.

2. Fold cover and identify areas that will be visible to decorate.

3. Seal cover with mod-podge.

4. Fold pages into signatures.

5. Measure, mark, and drill holes. 

6. Stitch signatures into cover.

Stroll Along the Atrium Balcony to View Student Artwork

Currently on Display:

Artist Showcase of the Month: Eryn Allgood's Ceramics
Sculpture II~IV:   Sugar Skulls & Plaster Cast Masks
Ceramics II~IV:   Crooked Clay Houses 
Drawing II~IV:     Independently Planned Student Artworks 

End of Semester Projects

Drawing II-IV: Independently Planned Project
Sculpture II-IV: Forensics Project: Recreate a Face from a Skull using Clay
Ceramics II-IV:
        1. Research an Artist
        2. Critique an Artwork
        3. Slide Presentation
        4. Sculptural Response to Artwork in Clay
AP Studio Art: Independently Planned Projects for Portfolio Submission 

Finished projects in all classes are due                  Friday, November 17th.

  • Sculpture II~IV: Sugar Skull Sculpture
  • Ceramics II~IV:  Crooked Clay House
  • Drawing II~IV: Independent Project (progess will be graded)
  • AP Studio Art: Independent Project (progess will be graded)


Week at a Glance

Drawing... Independent Projects
Sculpture...Kinetic Gear Sculptures
Ceramics... Platter, Mask, & Textured heart test tiles
AP Studio Art... Independent Projects

Google Classroom Registration Codes

Drawing 2: iecvvsa
Drawing 3/4: egqo55
Sculpture 2-4: h3b12f
Ceramics 2-4: y3594x
AP Studio Art: zkhwgz

Art Supply Fees Due by September 8th.

Art Supply Fees:
Drawing 2-4:     $25
Sculpture 2-4:   $35
Ceramics 2-4:   $35
AP Studio Art:   $35


Art Tutorials

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

2:40pm - 3:15pm