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Christina Henderson » Welcome


Ms. Christina Henderson

Room: A105

English 1301/1302 DC; English 3 AP

E-mail: christina.henderson@willisisd.org - This is the best form of contact because I am usually able to respond in a more timely manner.

Phone: 936.890.7176
Conference: 5th Period

Tutorial:  M- F 2:35-3:30; & by appointment

Master of Arts (MA) English - SHSU
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - SHSU
Bachelor of Science in Psychology - SHSU
English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 8-12)
English as a Second Language Supplemental
Textbook for DC for Spring 2018 - 

Schib, John, and John Clifford. Arguing about Literature: A Guide and Reader. Boston: Bedford/St Martin's, 2014. ISBN: 978-1-4576-6209-6.

You will not be required to purchase the textbook. I will be making copies for students for the required reading pages.

Textbook for DC for Fall 2017 -The Prentice Hall Reader- this textbook must be purchased prior to the start of school. You will need it by Monday, August 21. The book must be purchased online. It will not be available at the college bookstore. There are two editions that are acceptable - 9th edition (ISBN-13: 978-0205664528  or ISBN-10: 0205664520) is preferred but 11th edition (ISBN-13: 978-0321899712 or ISBN-10: 0321899717) acceptable. You may be able to locate a pdf file version. Also, check with previous juniors; they may have a copy with which they are willing to provide to you.


*Please note that there may be other books assigned throughout the semester that the student will be required to purchase.


Phone Policy for AP/DC English



For the 2018-2019 school year, all students enrolled in AP/DC English will turn in their cell phones or devices to an assigned, secure location for the duration of class. Compliance is mandatory.


Students will turn in their device before the tardy bell beginning class and will collect their own device after the bell or teacher dismissal.


Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Lewis appreciate your  cooperation and look forward to a rewarding year in AP/DC English.