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Theresa Menges » WILDKAT STRONG!!


Hi! Thank you for viewing my webpage!!  My name is Theresa Menges and I have been a Special Educator for the past 25 years. I graduated from Schreiner University with a BS in Business Administration.  I played volleyball, basketball and ran cross country on an athletic scholarship thru out college.  After moving to Huntsville, Texas, I decided I didn't want to work in corporate America, so I went back to school and attended Sam Houston State University to get my teaching certification.    I started my teaching career in Huntsville, Texas at Stewart Elementary.  I taught 5th grade Bilingual and was the Karate club sponsor. I then transferred to Huntsville High School for the next 9 years teaching Pre-Algebra and English.  I was also the JV volleyball and JV basketball coach along with being the Assistant Varsity coach for the volleyball, basketball and track teams.   I moved to Willis High School in 2002 and taught Pre-Algebra for 2 years. I then served as the Special Education Coordinator for WHS and also facilitated ARDS for the next 11 years.  This is the start of my 16th year at Willis High School and also my 3rd year back in the classroom  as a co-teacher and/or support facilitator in the areas of Biology and Environmental Systems.    
Please contact me with any questions regarding my classes and the students I work with.  I can be reached at (936)890-6509 and I look forward to visiting with you! 

Mrs. Menges’ Schedule

1st period-Environmental Science (Co-Teach)  with          Mrs. Brown (B313)              

2nd period- Biology- (Co-Teach) with Mrs. Brown(B313)

3rd period-Conference

4th period- Biology- (Co-Teach) With  Mrs. Brown (B313)

5th period- PAWS room                                      (B405)

6th period- Biology- (Support Facilitation) with Mrs. Brown(B313)

7th period-  Biology- (Support Facilitation) with Mrs. Brown(B313)


Tutorials ---   Tues and Thurs. 2:35 to 3:15 but I am available almost daily after school.