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Welcome to English IV
I am beginning my 21st year of teaching. This will be my 17th  year at Willis High School. After many years of teaching English II, I will now be teaching English IV.  I am very excited about this new opportunity and challenge.   Please subscribe to my page for updates.
 I am also one of the sponsors for the class of 2020 and my daughter is a sophomore at WHS.  She is a member of the powerlifting team, newspaper, yearbook, and UIL Academic team.  We lead a very busy life! 
1st period--English IV
2nd period--English IV
3rd Period--English IV
4th Period--English IV
5th Period--English IV
  C Lunch
6th Period--English IV
7th Period--Conference
Parent Conferences
If you would like to set up a meeting, my conference is 7th period (1:43-2:35). Please class ext. 7127 or email tnabors@willisisd.org to set up a time to meet.
 I am available for tutoring on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school until 3:15
English Department Late Work Policy 
 This is the new late work policy for all 12th grade level classes:

Daily Work=  -30 points per day, Nothing accepted after 2 days

Major Work= -25 Points PER DAY, Nothing accepted after 2 days

Supplies Needed:
My course syllabus is posted to the right of this page.  This includes supplies needed for my class.

Recent Posts

Novel Final Project Due March 2

You should be reading your novel every day.  We will continue working on your reading notebook this week. Bring your novel to class. If we have extra time, you should be reading. The final due date is March 2.  This is a test grade!

Bring Your Novel Every Friday!

Most of you are doing a fantastic job with bringing your novel every Friday.  Remember, you get a grade for having your novel and completing your responses in your reading guide every Friday.


Test Wednesday!  Make sure you have Acts I-V study questions.  These will be 3 daily grades.

Beowulf Test

Your Beowulf test will be Wednesday, September 20th.  Please review using your journal and test review.

Beowulf Boast

Your boast is due by the end of class on Monday, September 18th.  Please use the rubric you were given in class.  I have extras if you need a new copy.