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 *Welcome to English I*


A Note from Your Teacher


I’d like to welcome you to Willis High School and tell you how excited I am for you to be in my English class. As your teacher this year I’d like to make you a few promises. I promise to do everything I can to make this your best year ever. I promise to expect only the best from you and give you my best as well. I promise you will enjoy SOMETHING we read, write, or create in class this year. I promise with hard work and dedication, you will all be successful in my class. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you and celebrating all of your successes this year!

Welcome to my class,

~Mrs. Beam



English I Overview

In their study of various literary genres, English I students will gain basic knowledge of the skills necessary for success in high school English. Identification and use of proper grammatical mechanics for written communication are also emphasized. Students will read and analyze for literary merit, and for historical significance. All students will study grammar and demonstrate composition effectiveness through writing.



Recent Posts

Vocabulary Project Due Monday 12/11

Reminder: Vocabulary projects are due Monday, December 11th 

Vocabulary Extra Credit

Tomorrow, Friday 11/17, is the last day to turn in vocabulary early for extra credit!!!

Unit 1 Retest

If you were not successful on your Unit 1 test and would like to replace your grade, you have the option to come retest on Wednesday 10/11 or Thursday 10/12 afterschool. 

Class Notes

All notes we take in class will be posted in Google Classroom. If you are absent, make sure you copy the notes into your journals. 

All English I students will need a composition book. Please bring it the first day of class! We will use our compositions books DAILY. 

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