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Mrs. Kelley is beginning her 20 year of teaching with this being her 10th year in Willis ISD. She is beginning her fifth year at WHS. Prior to WHS, Mrs. Kelley was at Brabham Middle School where she taught 8th grade math and Algebra. She has also taught in Huntsville and Trinity school districts. 
BS in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at San Antonio
Secondary Mathematics 6-12
All Level Kinesiology
ESL Supplemental
Head Girls Basketball Coach
Mrs. Kelley's Schedule
1st - Geometry
2nd - Conference
3rd - Geometry
4th - Geometry
5th - Athletics
6th - Geometry
7th - Geometry
Mrs. Kelley has tutorials on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school until 3:15pm..



Recent Posts

Test and Missing Assignments

We will have a test tomorrow over Quadrilaterals.  Students completed a review today in class.  I also made sure they had a copy of all answer choices.  
All missing assignments are due tomorrow.  If the assignments are not turned in tomorrow, they will remain zeros.  

Test and Finals

Students will have a test tomorrow over Trig Ratios.  Each student has a study guide that was completed in class today.  Please make sure that they study.  Also, below is our Semester exam schedule.
Fall Final Exam Schedule
Wednesday, Dec. 20
Thursday, Dec. 21
Friday, Dec. 22
1st (Exam) 7:20 9:20   2nd (Exam) 7:20 9:30   3rd (Exam) 7:20 9:40
2nd 9:24 10:09   4th (Exam) 9:34 11:44   5th (Exam) 9:45 12:35
4th 10:13 10:57   7th (Exam) 11:48 2:35        
5th 11:01 12:31                
6th (Exam 12:35 2:35                

Test over Lessons 4.3-4.8

Students will have a test tomorrow over Lessons 4.3-4.8.  Each student has a review that was completed in class today.  Students should also have the correct answers as we went over every question in class.  Please make sure your child studies.

Lesson 4.1 and 4.2

Test tomorrow over Lessons 4.1 and 4.2.  There are practice problems on the website under the google calendar.

Transversals Tests

Our test over transversals is on Oct. 12.  Your child received their review in class today.  Please make sure that you go over that with them over the next couple of days.  They will not be in class tomorrow as all 10th and 11th graders are taking the PSAT.

End of Nine Weeks

The end of the nine weeks is Oct. 13.  Please check your student's grades and make sure they have all assignments taken care of.  We will also have our nine weeks exam on Oct. 12.


The nine weeks retest will be Tuesday and Thursday during Advisory period.  Students must be present both days and they must have a pass from me.  The Nine Weeks re-test will replace the lowest test grade provided that it is better than previous test, up to a 70.

Unit Test

We will have a test on Thursday and Friday over transformations.  Please make sure that you look over the foldable that we have been completing in class and study the review that we will do Wednesday in class.

Unit 1 Test

Unit 1 Test has been moved to Tuesday, September 12.  We are just to far behind from missing last week.

Unit 1 Test

We will have our first test on Friday, September 8.  The test will be over distance, midpoint, solving equations and tools of geometry.  We will do a review on Thursday.  The answers will be posted to my website on Thursday evening so that students can check their work. 

Welcome Back

I hope that each of you have had a very restful summer.  As we get into the swing of the school year, I would like each of you to sign up for Remind so that you will receive notification of things going on in my class. To do so, please text @68g76 to 81010 or send an email to 68g76@mail.remind.com.  Also, please subscribe to this webpage as I will post homework assignments on my webpage.  
If you have any questions throughout the school year, please don't hesitate to email me.