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Bio: Welcome back, Wildkats! My name is Mr. Ross Gragert. This is my fourth year teaching at Willis High School, and I am very excited to again be teaching English IV. I was born and raised in Spring, TX where I graduated from Klein Collins High School. After high school, I joined the Army as a mechanic and deployed to Iraq where I worked as a combat recovery driver and operator. After the military, I received a Bachelor's Degree in English at Sam Houston State University where I also worked as a writing tutor for four years. Now, I am ready to help all of you reach your goal of graduating on time and maybe have a little fun along the way. Can't wait to meet you all. 


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The Annotated Bibliography April 23-27, 2018

Well folks, it looks like we finally finished our novel unit, and boy was it a novel unit. And if you thought that you were just going to forget about that book forever, you've got another think coming! We are going to be applying what we learned from our novels and developing them into research questions. Then, we are going to be creating the Annotated Bibliography. This is very important for those of you who are going to be attending college in the Fall, as these assignments are quite common. I have taken the liberty of posting quite a few links and attachments that shall prove invaluable during the course of this assignment. Feel free to use the links below. 

Well, folks. I have been going over your work from last week, and we need to pull it together. Make sure to check your grades because some of you may now be failing due to not turning in your reading folders on Thursday. I will be making an announcement during class tomorrow. 

This week we will continue reading our novel and working out of our folders. This week's theme will be characterization. We will be working on filling out and decorating a character sheet that will go with a character in your novel. You can keep it in the pocket of your folder. 

See you all tomorrow. Let's have a great week and kick the complacency. 
Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's the week before Spring Break, and I know many of you are ready to get out of here, but don't head for the beach just yet. This week we are focusing on the next installment of our reading program. This time around, we aren't picking just any ol' book off the shelf. We are going to select from a very elite selection of literary classics. We are going to begin by dating our books to get to know them a little better, then, we are really going to learn about them by copying down their best traits before finally reading them on Friday before the break. Let's have a great week, folks. 

Well folks, this week our focus is on the résumé, and we are going to create two just to be safe.
First, Monday, we are going to the library to work on typing our Career Essays, but on Tuesday, we are going to be creating the academic résumé you saw from Ms. Shelley. Wednesday we are going to work on our career résumés and return to the library or lab on Thursday to type them.
Friday, as you know, will be our reading day. You are running low on time to finish these novels, so if you are not more than halfway through yet, start reading more at home. 
I still haven't graded your Tour Builder Projects yet; however, three grades went in this weekend: the Personal Modest Proposal, the Career Essay Check, and the 4th Book Check.
See you all tomorrow bright and early. 
Mr. G
January 22-26
Well folks, I have to admit, your comprehension of A Modest Proposal was subpar. I am going to give you all a chance to redeem yourselves by providing you with a quiz over the text tomorrow. This week, we are also going to be working on our own Modest Proposals. You will write the essay in class, and you will type it up in the computer lab on Wednesday. Thursday we will be reading the next non-fiction essay, a biographical account of George Orwell called "Shooting an Elephant". Don't forget to bring your Outside Reading novels on Friday. Most of you did a good job last week, but remember, you are reading that book on Friday as well as bringing it to class. 

18-19 January

Well I hope everyone stayed warm during this deep freeze. We are going to be reading A Modest Proposal this week and extending the assignment into next week. Make sure you have your Outside Reading novel for Friday. I will be taking a grade for your participation. 

Well folks, we are almost to the end of another glorious semester. We have finals coming up next week, so this week will be devoted to studying for the final and tying up any loose ends in the gradebook. I still need to see a few video games, but I was able to put in your Script Project grades and your TOTS short answer grades in today. I will let everyone know this week who is exempt from the final, but everyone is responsible for the final exam review sheets. Basically, how it will work is we will have a collection of exam questions each day this week. I will grade each of these and average them together for a quiz grade. The journals will also be graded the Monday and Tuesday before finals. If you need to see any that you have missed, ask me at some point this week. We are also having a banquet on Friday to celebrate the end of the semester. I will put out a sign up sheet in my room. Let's push through these next two weeks strong, folks. I can't wait to get you all to graduation!

Mr. G
Alright, folks. I have done my best to create a way to get through the rest of this play no matter how many actors volunteer for the stage. We will begin this week by going over the first Act and taking a short quiz. We will take a quiz for each Act and I will average them all together for a final grade at the end of the play. Then we are going to go over Act II. I have prepared a presentation that will allow for as many or little volunteers as are willing. We will watch the second Act once we are finished reading and taking notes, probably Tuesday. Wednesday we will continue going over the third Act after another quiz. We will do this until we have finished with the play. After the play, there will be a test, and then, we will begin watching 10 Things I Hate About You. Let's have a productive week, folks. I can't wait to continue with the Bard's masterpiece.