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Welcome Wildkats!
My name is Mrs. Colligan and will be teaching English I and English IV this year. This is my fourth year here at Willis High School and my fifth year teaching. Previously, I spent 20 years in Sports Marketing and Accounting before making the career change into teaching and I hope to inspire others to always explore all learning options.
English I Overview:

In their study of various literary genres, English students will gain base knowledge of the skills necessary for success in high school English. Identification and use of proper grammatical mechanics for written communication are also emphasized. Students will read and analyze for literary merit and for historical significance. All students will study grammar and demonstrate composition effectiveness through writing.

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1st Period - Engl I                               3ZGBR                                       sb45ian
2nd Period - Engl IV EOC               YPDJK                                       y7ht1a
3rd Period - Engl IV EOC                DBEJ6                                       11liw1s
5th Period - Engl IV EOC                W53Y5                                     78fpzth
6th Period - Engl I                               7E93R                                        yyhapjp
7th Period - Engl I                               JKY98                                        bnbj6s2

Tutorials are Monday - Thursday and Friday 2:30 - 3:30 or by appointment.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Here is a great link to help you as a writer!
Here are 80 Books every person should read!
Here is a link for FREE SAT tutorials:  https://www.khanacademy.org/

Recent Posts

November 6-10 Expository Essay

We have been working hard at creating thesis statements in order to create a cohesive Expository Essay.  The final product is due on Friday for a quiz grade.
We will also have a journal quiz as our warm-up!  Please make sure you are keeping up in class at all times.
Extra Credit is available to those who turn in their Vocabulary Project by next Friday!

October 30-November 3

Students have been working on their Drama unit which culminates tomorrow with a Major Grade Project in which students need to create a 20 line script for "The Lottery" as well as create a illustration for their cover page.  All instructions have been posted in Google Classroom for a turn in date of tomorrow, November 3.

Poetry Major Grade

Students have been working on a poetry unit for the past three weeks.  We began writing an 8-10 line Juxtaposition Poem yesterday and the students were to finish today using Canva.com.  This poem is due by midnight tonight, if it was not finished in class.  Students have all instructions in Google Classroom and will submit their link there, also.

Unit 1 Retest

If you were not successful on your Unit 1 test and would like to replace your grade, you have the option to come retest on Wednesday 10/11 or Thursday 10/12 afterschool. 

Week of October 2

We began our new poetry unit and have homework with our "Blackout Poetry" if it was not finished after our Unit 1 test on Friday.  We have no school on Monday; however, there is an Extra Credit opportunity due Tuesday, October 10, as well.  Please see the link below or in Google Classroom.

Myth/Legend Story

This week we will be reviewing some literary devices as well as reading some myths and legends.  We will conclude the week by writing our own myth or legend.



Commonlit is a research-based, classroom extension tool for teachers and students. It was created to help students supplement what was being taught in the classroom, as well as help all levels of reading comprehension.
Beginning this semester, English I and IV EOC has created weekly lessons that can be supported by Commonlit. These weekly lessons are in most cases review of previous concepts taught in class and also ask students to read with critical focus and comprehension. Each week revolves around a theme where various genres are reviewed, and analyzed. Commonlit homework assignments then extend these concepts while out of the classroom.  These extensions are assigned each Monday to be read on their own at home or during tutorials for a daily grade at the end of the week.
Our goal is to help motivate and inspire students to not only desire excellence in their studies, but to take control of how their devotion and focus contributes to their own learning well beyond the high school setting.
Please encourage struggling students to use Wildkat Lunch and/or teacher tutorials if needed. 

Please fill out the following form to show you have read and understand the syllabus: