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Attendance Policies

Attendance Office                                                                                   Willis High School                   
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Kristi Gonzales  
                                                                                    Debbie Stoots
kgonzales@willisisd.org                                                                             dstoots@willisisd.org
936-890-1413                                                                                           Main: 936-856-1250
                                                                                                               Fax:   936-856-3391
 Attendance Clerks
Grades 9th & 11th
Maria Reiter
Grades 10th & 12th
D'Alene Simmons
Attendance Fax: 936-856-4497
When a Student Must Be Absent
Parents are requested to call their students Attendance Clerk, when their child is absent. The student must turn in a written excuse note from the parent/guardian or is an emancipated minor, upon return to school. In lieu of a note, the District shall accept e-mail notice.
Early Checkout
Students are expected to remain on campus until the end of the school day. Students who must leave during school hours must have written permission from parents/guardian and must sign out at the Attendance Office before leaving campus. The note should state the date, time and reason for dismissal from class and a telephone number for verification. Students leaving campus without written permission from a parent or principal will be considered truant. Attention should be given to absences in each class. Loss of credit applies to classes on an individual class basis. Only students who are an emancipated minor, 18 before the first day of school and enrolled themselves in WHS may sign themselves out. Students must be signed out by 1:50 pm to leave campus early. Requests after this time will not be fulfilled due to the turnaround time required. 
Doctor's Appointments
Always provide the attendance clerk with the appointment form provided by the doctor's office.
Perfect Attendance
A student has perfect attendance if he/she has no reported absences or tardies for every subject, on every school day, for the entire year.
Parent and Doctors Notes
Please have all notes turned in within 3 school days of the absence.
Benefits of Attendance
Regular school attendance is essential for a student to make the most of his or her education—to
benefit from teacher-led and school activities, to build each day’s learning on the previous day’s,
and to grow as an individual. Absences from class may result in serious disruption of a student’s
mastery of the instructional materials; therefore, the student and parent should make every effort
to avoid unnecessary absences.
School Policy
Willis High School follows the state education code 25.095:
(a) A school district or open enrollment charter school shall notify a student's parent in writing at the beginning of the school year that if the     student is absent from school on 10 or more days or parts of the days within a six month period in the same school year or on three or more days or parts of days within a four week period:
(1) The student's parent is subject to prosecution under Section 25.093 and
(2) The student is subject to prosecution under Section 25.094 or to referral to juvenile court in a county with a population of less than 100,000 for conduct that violates that section.
Parents will be notified and Truancy Prevention Measures will be established prior to students or parents being referred to the court system.