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Australia and Oceania

Students will be STAAR testing this week but we will begin our Australia unit on Thursday.  This will be the last unit of the year so students will have one more major grade (test) before Final Exams.  I encourage you to keep working hard and finish the year strong with your academics!!

South and SE Asia

Students will be taking open notes over South and SE Asia physical geography.  Students will be working in small groups to research pertinent religious information.  The groups will be presenting their assigned religion to the class. We will also watch short video clips to learn more about the culture and economics of SE Asia.

English I & English II STAAR

Students will testing Tuesday and Thursday on the English STAAR.  In my classes , the students will be learning about the Apartheid that took place in Rwanda in the 1990s.  Students will answer questions and have discussions about the video "Hotel Rwanda".   On Friday, students will begin a new unit over South Asia.

Sub-Sahara Africa

Students will be working on an activity to research whether their assigned African country is developed or developing.  Complete the economic questions and be prepared to present the info. to the class on Tuesday.  This is an in-class assignment.  However, the African A-Z book , started last Wednesday will be due Tuesday when students arrive to class. Students had 6 days to complete this project and it will be a Major Grade.   We will have a review this week and a Unit Test on Thursday.

Sub-Saharan Africa

We will get more in depth with this unit over Sub-Saharan Africa by taking power point notes,  having meaningful conversations , and starting an A-Z African book ( project) this week.  Come prepared and ready to learn!!

Week of 3/5

We will review over the North Africa and SW Asia unit Monday and Tuesday.  We will have a Middle East test on Wednesday. Please study your notes, maps, and review. Students need to check and make sure that all their work is turned in as the 9 weeks ends on Friday.  One more week until Spring Break!!

Middle East

This week there will be Eng I & Eng 2 benchmark testing.  However,  we will begin a unit over the Middle East.  We will study the geography of the Middle East which includes map work and we will increase our unit vocabulary.  Students will be  re-located on Thursday to Room A-322.

Russia Unit

We will be working more in depth in our Russia Unit this week.  Activities will include maps, power point notes,  Cold war video & questions,  and finally an illustrated Russian timeline.  Students have been told that a black ink pen is required for maps, essays, and projects or points will be deducted.

PAP World Geography

On Monday, Jan 29th students will finish their Part II writing (Chernobyl).  These writings will be done in class and are part of the test grade. We will have a few European activities through Wed to complete the European Unit.  On Thursday, we will begin a Russian Unit.

Welcome Back!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!  We will begin the New Year by studying a unit over Europe.  The week of Jan. 9th we will introduce Europe with vocabulary, physical maps,  and power point notes .  We have a lot to do so come back Tuesday with a great attitude and work ethic. Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!