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About me

Welcome! I have been a RN for 23 years and this will be my second year teaching Health Science at Willis High School. I am so excited to share the knowledge and passion I have for health care with my students. I have lived in the Conroe/ Willis area for 11 years, I am married and have a 12 year old son who attends Brabham Middle School. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.
Period 1: Principles of Health Science
Period 2: Principles of Health Science
Period 3: Conference 
Period 4: Health Science
Period 5: Health Science (C Lunch)
Period 6: Principles of Health Science
Period 7: Principles of Health Science


Recent Posts

Schedule 12/11-12-15

Principles of Health science
Mon- Blood and circulatory system
Tues- Cardiac Project
Wed- Cardiac Project
Thurs- Test Review
Fri- Test- Cardiovascular system
Health Science
Mon- CPR
Tues- CPR
Wed- CPR Skill Check OFF
Thurs-  ** CLINICAL**
Fri- Test and skill check off

Schedule 12/4-12/8

Principles of Health Science
Mon-  Muscular/ Skeletal Test
Tues- Cardiac Anatomy
Wed- Cardiac Physisology
Thurs- Cardiac Pathophysiology
Fri- Cardiac Project
Health Science
Mon- CPR
Tues- CPR
Wed- CPR
Thurs- CPR
Fri- CPR

Schedule 11/27-12/1

Principles of Health Science
Mon- Skeletal Physiology
Tues-  Muscular Anatomy
Wed-  Muscular Physiology
Thurs- Muscular Pathophysiology
Fri- Test Review
Health Science
Mon- First Aid
Tues- First Aid Project
Wed- First Aid Project
Thurs- Project Presentation/ Test Review
Fri- Test- First Aid/ Vocabulary Quiz

Schedule 10/16-10/20

Health Science II
Mon- Temperature
Tues- Temperature
Wed- Clinical Day #2
Thurs- Temperature
Fri- Skill Check off
Principles of Health Science
Mon-  Teamwork
Tues- Time Management
Wed-  Goal Setting
Thurs- Intro to Medical Terminology **Students will need to bring index cards to make flash cards for a MAJOR grade ***
Fri- Medical Terminology- Root words

Schedule 10/9-10/13

Principles of Health Science
Mon- No School
Tues- Characteristics of health care workers
Wed- Listening and therapeutic communication
Thurs- Test Review
Fri- ***Test***
Health Science II
Mon-  No School
Tues-  skill practice
Wed- skill practice
Thurs- Skill Check off
Fri- Skill check off

Schedule 10/2-10/6

Principles of Health Science
Mon-  Hospital organization
Tues- Test Review
Wed- *** TEST***
Thurs- Intro to Communication
Fri- Verbal Communication
Health Science II
Mon- Unoccupied bed making
Tues- skill practice
Wed- Occupied bed making
Thurs- Skill practice
Fri- skill practice

Schedule 9/25-9/29

Principles of Health Science
MonCollaborative care group project
Tues- Career Assessment.  Career research paper
Wed- Career research paper
Thurs- Finish Paper.  Hospital organizational Structure
Fri- Hospital Organizational Structure
Health Science II
Mon- Non Verbal Communication
Tues- Healthy Relationships, Qualities, Punctuation, cultural considerations
Wed- Conflict Resolution and mediation
Thurs_ Electronic Health record, Mobile Manners, 
Fri- Test Review- Vocab Quiz and Communication test

Schedule 9/18-9/22

Principles of Health Science
Mon- Introduction to Careers/ Educational pathways
Tues- Physicians and Physician Specialties
Wed- Careers worksheet (Sub while I am at clinical)
Thurs- Nursing and other Therapeutic Professions
Fri- Diagnostic Careers and others
Health Science II
Mon- Teamwork/ Parliamentary Procedure
Tues- Test/ Vocab Quiz
Wed- Clinical
Thurs- Intro to Communication
Fri- Verbal Communication.  Clinical Journals due

Schedule 8/21-8/25

 Principles of Health Science
Mon- History of Medicine
Tues- History of Medicine
Wed- Healthcare Heroes in History
Thurs- Group Project
Fri- Group Project
Health Science II
Mon- HS orientation day
Tues- Fri- Online HIPPA training course

Schedule 8/17-8/18

 Principles of Health Science
Thurs- Intro to class, review syllabus, class rules and policies
Fri- Get to know you activities
Health Science II
Thurs- Intro to class, Review Syllabus, Class Rules and Policies  Get to know you activity
Fri- My "Why" Project

Remind 101

 I will be using Remind 101 to make announcements and send reminders about Tests and Due dates.  Please subscribe as follows:
Health Science:  Text to 81010 code @mrspmillne
Principles of Health Science:  Text to 81010 code @mrspmilln

Google Classroom

Each student will need to subscribe to Google Classroom.  Materials from class will be loaded to this site.  Subscription codes are as follows:
Health Science: on3ippz
Principles of Health Science: ks23gk