Willis High School

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Mrs. Mercedes Gonzales

Welcome to Willis High School!!
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Teacher Schedule
1st Period: 7:20a.m. - 8:13a.m. Social Studies/History
2nd Period: 8:17a.m. - 9:10a.m. English Language Arts
3rd Period: 9:14a.m. - 10:07a.m. Conference
4th Period: 10:11a.m. - 11:04a.m. Community Involvement
5th Period: 11:08a.m. - 12:08p.m. Math/Community Involvement/Art
Lunch 12:12p.m. - 12:42p.m.  Lunch
6th Period: 12:46p.m. - 1:39p.m. Science
7th Period: 1:43p.m. - 2:35p.m. Math
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Mrs. Mercedes A. Gonzales
Special Education Teacher